Trip Blogs: Mongolia on Horseback

Date: Thursday, July 21. 3 pm.
Location: In the back of a van With potholes all over on van ride 8 hours back to Ulaanbaatar.

Typing is a challenge. Last night we road in the van across the fields for an hour before suddenly ending up at a hot spring resort. The soak finall
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Date: Wednesday, July 20. 2 pm.
Location: Fairfield Inn, Tsetserleg, Mongolia

Horse racing. Forgot to mention yesterday. We ended our trip by doing a day ride from our guide Chidre's gher. And we raced. In pairs, in trios,
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Date: Tuesday July, 19, 3 pm
Location: Tsertserleg

The ride is over but not the adventure. 

The morning was spent one last time at the gher. Tea, playing with them kids, sharin
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Date: Monday, July, 18, 9 pm
Location: The beginning and the end.

15 miles. What a fantastic day to end on. We rode into town to the last day of the Nadeem festival. It was in an outdoor arena. Outside were vendors s
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Date: Sunday , July, 17, 9 pm
Location: Near a small town having a festival.

Big day. Close to 20 miles. Wow. I don't even know how to start to explain some of our experiences. Lets do the easy first. 

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Date: Saturday, July, 16, 10 pm
Location: Across the river from camp 3

Big day. 18 miles. River crossing is the big event of the day. We ended up using a huge Russian military truck. The guides swam horses across. Then th
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Date: Friday, July, 15, 7 pm
Location: Back down the valley 12 miles to river crossing camp

Sunny weather so hopefully the river will drop so we can cross. It has been flooded and been a problem to cross. A horse drowned here the other day. I
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Date: Thursday, July 14. 6 pm
Location: Same camp. But...

17 mile ride today up to 9,000 feet at Blue Lake. If there is a more beautiful ride in the world, I would like to see it. 

A b
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Date: Wednesday, July 13. 3 pm
Location: Same as yesterday

In gher all day. Raining all night all day. Yes, have not moved. Will not get to our high point of Blue Lake. So, we learn to live as nomads. <<< View Post >>>

Date: Tuesday, July 12
Location: Inside a warm gher after a rain storm

Going with the "let's be present to the moment" experience, we had breakfast and then realized we were missing a horse. So, Chidre rode off in search.
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Date: Monday, July 11. 2 pm
Location: 18 miles of riding. 5th day horse riding

We had to divert over a mt pass because river was too high to ford. Long uphill. We got up at sunrise to leave early because the horseflies get thick
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Date: July 10. 7 pm
Location: Beyond the road

Last ghers for awhile. 10 miles today. Great weather. 

We went to one of the great, ancient Buddhists sites. In 1937 it was
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Date: Saturday, July 9. 5pm
Location: On a hillside in our valley, 5500 feet above sea level.

Started with rain showers, then hot sun, the cloudy. Rained during the night. Some learned the lesson the hard way to zip tents in rain. 

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Date: Friday, July 8th. 8 pm
Location: Up the valley some

11 miles today. Having trouble with satellite phone and pictures, will try to get some up when we can.

So hard to explain what it i
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Date: Thursday, July 7
Location: Somewhere in Mongolia. See map

8 miles riding.

We are on our horses. Yeah! The start was very Mongolian. Wait an hour or so for ride. Go to market. Wait an hour or so so
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Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Location: Tsetserleg, Mongolia

Haiku from Roman: The camels do not appreciate their noses being pulled like that.

Our last day before we begin our nomadic life. Supplies.
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Date: July 5th
Location: Tsetserleg, Mongolia. Fairfield Inn

Wow! Where to start.

Lots of adventures already.

Seoul was a wonderful visit. Elizabeth had a friend, Vicky, who lived there join
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