Life Matters


This is a place apart. A place where we act on our reflections and realize our actions are a reflection of us. A place in the "real world", where we feel the warmth of the sun and the wetness of tears. It is where we are present to the incredible beauty in ourselves and our world. Here we can briefly leave behind the artificial world of electronics, concrete and man-made noises filling our heads. Instead we can hear what is inside us and how it blends with the sound of the wind, water and others near us. We act on the adventure calling us to be alive and remember that life is short and to be lived. Sometimes it is a rebel place where we commit to sanity and living in the way we know life should be lived. Here compassion is valued over competition, journeys over material wealth. It is at once a unique place for each and at the same time universal.

In this place...

  • We will honor the story of people who have acted on dreams, fantasies and hope. Their stories will inspire us and others to also act on what Matters in Life.
  • We will provide opportunities to act on dreams we may have and share those with a larger community of people.
  • We will journey, pilgrimage, adventure, build and reflect.
  • We will remember to share the gifts that have been given us or brought into our lives.
  • And at the end, let the story of our lives show "Life Matters".


Life Matters Facebook Page: This is how we share what's going on in "Life"- we'll post videos about how Life Matters to you, inform you of events like the free monthly JOI hikes, and give you the opportunity to share your JOIs and what Matters in your life. If you'd like to be a part of this sharing community, then please "like" the page- you'll get updates right in your newsfeed!


"In June 2014, I took a 6-week pilgrimage on the famous Camino Del Santiago with some other lovely people. The rhythm and rigor of daily walking fit perfectly with the time to reflect on the past years of my life. Like most people of my age (very young at heart!), we have lost our grandparents, one or more parents, some of our peers and the greatest sadness, those younger than us. We cannot deny we all have the same destiny. Each day I asked myself what it was that mattered most to me in my life and if I was demonstrating that value. I believe that each of my actions brings me closer or farther away from peace inside. So, if I know this to be true, why was I not making more choices to live in a way where "Life Matters"? I found that it was easy to be drawn toward comfort, security and the belief that I was in control. I promised myself that I would return and commit to reflecting each day on what mattered and how I could live to that value more fully. Or, if I knew I only had a year to live, how would I spend today? I also realized how much energy I have spent to correct hurts I have caused that can't be changed. Instead, I could choose to place my energy in a place that might matter. I looked at the gifts brought into my life and think about the best way to spend them, as they are not mine to keep.

"Alas, I am also pragmatic. I need to eat and do like hot showers now and then, and dry socks at the end of the day. I like chicken wings, a heavy terry cloth robe in the cold, and seltzer water. The result of the idealism and the pragmatic piece combined with the commitment to live today in a way that creates more sanity in my wild head and heart is "Life Matters". I can only to offer up the journey I am on and hope your journey may combine with mine and bless me with your gifts. And in doing so, somehow, we add just a little more compassion and peace in this world.

"We have to be something today and at some point do something, so why not do it in a way that matters? Maybe you will join me. Or for many you, continue sharing the path."