Why go with Pack, Paddle, Ski for the first or the tenth time?

"You go to great places with great people!"Charlie King

"ADVENTURE!!!!!! Why choose to do anything?" Rick Harrington

"I would go on another PPS trip because of the very capable leaders whose generous spirit seems to brings out a positive attitude, cooperation, and sense of fun in the group." Joan Benneyan


"So that you could have more fun than human beings should be allowed to have!" Victoria L. Morris

"The food is simply the most satisfying fare on any out door adventure trip I have ever gone on, consistently trip after trip. The attention to travel details and personal needs far exceeds that of most all other travel service outfitters, even ones charging several times the price of typical PPS trips." Lisa Fuller

"To live large and experience an exciting but stress-free adventure with a like-minded group of people led by talented professionals." Carroll Wilcox

"Every time I come back from a trip I feel 10 ( no maybe 20) years younger!" Toni Jakobi

"Would I go on another PPS Trip? You bet - every day on a PPS trip is like being a kid on the first day of school vacation - And you have the WHOLE summer ahead of you!!!!" Rick Story

"I think I'm fairly adventurous, but it's the details of any adventure that I don't have time to worry about, and PPS does, and does so beautifully." Marcia K. Morrison

"It was fun and good for you, too!!" Patricia Dorsey

"For planning, variety of destinations and the best way to really relax in the wilderness, there's nothing better! I've been going on your trips since just about the beginning of your company (15+ years ago?). For those of us with limited time and hectic schedules, there's NOTHING better than to know that we just "show up," and you do the rest)... not to mention your always inventive menus. Here's to many more successful years of PPS adventures!" Cynthia Howk

"I am already in Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would go on another PPS trip because there would be that chance that the right girl would show up." Mark

"PPS trips are more fun than watching your one-year-old grandchild eat blueberry pie for the first time." Tom Bonn

"Expert and friendly guides and great food." John Smith


"I would go on another PPS trip because the staff is knowledgeable, fun and good hearted. You really get the feeling of family and partnership with your fellow participants. It is a great way to get out there and meet new people!" Ann Spaziano

"To live the life close to nature while feeling home all the while." Ian Ater

"Serenity now. or It brought back some inner peace or It reset my harddrive or IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN! Awesome food, awesome people and AWESOME sights!" Therese Hall