Once a upon a time over 20 years ago, two brothers had a dream. They dreamed of sharing the beauty and adventure of the outdoor world with others.
They wanted to make the experience a place where people could connect with each other and the world around them.

They emptied a drawer, set a phone next to it and Pack, Paddle, Ski was born. Since then, other family members such as wives, parents and brothers have joined in the dream.

Along the way the some of the finest people who have often become among their closest friends have joined the dream. Today, over 20 of these friends lead trips, up to 10 work part time in the office and over 40 volunteer to continue building the dream.

Out of a tiny office in the miniscule metropolitan area of South Lima, over 5,000 people have participated in this dream in close to 10,000 field days in as many as 20 different countries on every continent in the world.
The dream of creating an experience based on fun, adventure, social connection, meaningful experiences, and personally touching each person continues. When you join an adventure with us you become part of this dream, share in it and help spread connection, beauty, fun and adventure.

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