As of July, 2022


GIRLS' VOCATIONAL SCHOOL & CHILDCARE CENTER: Check out the progress on the building of the childcare center HERE! We have funding for the furniture for it, as well as for desks and chairs for one of the new classrooms in the school and for tables in the computer lab. The stove was installed in the kitchen, and the group enjoyed a delicious meal with the students while they were there. The Girls' Vocational School hosted a very cool sports tournament last month- see pics HERE

TERESIA AND HER KIDS: All three children are adapting to their new life at Tumaini School. Teresia recently visited Paulo, Rehema, and Maria (see HERE). It is run by Lightness's husband Mr. Bayo. Lightness and Bayo created the school many years ago. Our friend Elizabeth has been shepherding her students from the orphanage there for 12+ years and was just on a visit there in May.

ONGOING: The other projects of the store, medical support for the women, student sponsorship, house building, salaries for the teachers, and micro loans are continuing.

FUTURE: For next year, we are looking to fund continued sponsorship for students at the vocational school, Teresia and her kids, a house for Pasqualina (a very special tribal lady we know), medical support for the women, and support for Fatina (our longtime friend with AIDS and physical disabilities). In addition, we would like to help our mason get a motorcycle so he can run his own transport business. More on all of this later in the fall.


We have sent over funds for widows and their families suffering from the ongoing war in Ethiopia. It is heartbreaking.  Scroll through HERE to see the various families and read ongoing updates of their lives. 


Yusuf received our funds to buy the land he and some other guides and porters are farming, creating permanent jobs and incomes for them. Two of his children are still in school. His twin nieces are doing very well with their store in town and now are completely independent, having recently started renting rooms in town and supporting themselves. We are looking for funding to support the salary he makes for assisting Elizabeth with her sponsored students next year (about $3,000). In Nepal, we continue to sponsor two Sherpa children in school.

As of November, 2021

  • New kitchen for Lake Eyasi Girls Vocational Training Center
  • Stoves for kitchen
  • New classroom at school
  • Furniture for classroom
  • Monthly healthcare for women in village
  • Scholarships for 5 students at LEGVTC
  • New house and outhouse for a woman in village

  • Yusuf's oldest son took a break from school for the year but has recently submitted his application to university and is awaiting the results.
  • His younger son is doing well in college studying animal sciences.
  • His two nieces started their own agricultural/feed store and are successfully managing it
  • His daughter continues to excel in boarding school and is still striving to be a doctor.
Projects Supported:
  • 6 months of food for 12 porters' and guides' families
  • Continued support of farm run and owned by porters and guides
  • Financial support for Yusuf and his family while he has had little work

  • Ngawang's two children sponsored
  • Food for 41 families (was on the tv news there)

  • Support to sustain our friend Mohamed's family

We are unable to send funds there until the US government changes the policies. It has been a very difficult year for our friends as politics within Cuba compounded the COVID situation. Often they couldn't even find food in the stores. We had to cancel our programs there again. Hopefully we can return in '23.

Programs cancelled. We left our deposits with our friend. Hopefully we can travel there at the end of '22.