Trip Blogs: Women's Projects in Tanzania 2018

Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018
Location: Serengeti National Park

It's quiet in the truck as we make our way across the Serengeti plains towards Ngorongoro Crater. The past few weeks have given us all a lot to
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Date: Thursday, again, wrong day yesterday. May 31
Location: Karatu

I will remember.....

Ben "The smiles of all faces and people we met."

Troy "proverb from Yusuf, don't let the
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Date: Thursday, May 30, Last day at the projects
Location: Lake Eyasi, Women's houses

Sitting here leaning against one of the women's house's walls we built last year. Lot's of women around in bright dress, many beaded and brass c
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Date: Tuesday, May 29
Location: Lake Eyasi area

I have my watch back so have the correct date today.  We are back at the ladies houses, the school and the Med Clinic, Lake Eyasi area
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Date: Monday, May 27
Location: Lake Eyasi

I think it is Monday May 2th. I don't have my watch on, it is being used to count respirations I am sitting under a giant Baobob tree next to a l
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Date: Sunday, May 27
Location: The church at Lake Eyasi Village

It is a day of rest. Sort of. We often get mixed information that changes almost instantly. So, we headed for church at 9 am that was going to
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Date: Saturday, May 26
Location: Lake Eyasi, tribal village and woman's houses.

First we needed trees. We went to the spring where a man there has a nursery and bought 50 trees we will plant in the village tomorrow.
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Date: Friday, May 25
Location: Lake Eyasi. Girls Vocational School

We were able to join the girls at the school this morning as part of their graduation. After 2 years the girls that take the vocational track g
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Date: Thursday, May 24
Location: Lake Eyasi, medical clinic, local market for goat and bed

Teresa. Abandoned, 4 kids. No home. She was abused. So she was sleeping with 2 kids on the floor of the school with 2 of them. The other 2 housi
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Date: May 23, Wednesday
Location: Lake Eyasi, woman's tribal village

Up before the sunrise for some of us to run. Then dawn yoga session in the lovely, cool wind.

Our first time with t
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Date: May 22, 2018, Tuesday
Location: Lake Eyasi

We stepped back in time several thousand years today. We went hunting with the bushmen. We met them at their caves at dawn. They were dressed in
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Date: May 21, noon
Location: Manyara National Park and beyond

We are here safely. Plane flights all went well. Unfortunately we had a variety of challenges at customs upon entry that cost us over $500 and
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