Trip Blogs: Family Fire & Ice: Iceland

Date: Friday, August 12
Location: Haveragoroi, Iceland

The clouds lifted as we drove the test of our amazing, remote route to a natural hot springs. It was an incredible treat to soak beneath hills line
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Date: Wednesday, August 10. 7 pm
Location: Holjkol Cabins

An Iceland day.

Started out visiting Vik on a misty day. Time was spent on trying to figure out how to find a bottle of wine for Kathy's bir
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Date: Tuesday, August 9
Location: Skogafoss, Iceland

Picture is Mia scrubbing with glacial silt for better skin.

Highlight of the day besides driving across the river again with water over th
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Date: Monday, August 8, 8 pm
Location: Volcano Huts, Porsmork National.

We are going to nominate this hike for top 10 worldwide. 8 hours of exploring up along volcanic ridges high above the glacier valleys of braided ri
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Date: Sunday, August 7, 6 pm
Location: Volcano Huts, Porsmork National.

Up and away. In our beautiful 4 x 4. And we needed them. Here is how a river crossing 20 miles away from the road works. You see a vehicle or so
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Date: Saturday, August, 6
Location: Helloshar Cabins, near Hella Iceland.

This is nuts. Yesterday Marcia and I took a train from the airport to Mahattan to have an afternoon with Elizabeth at an Irish pub. Flew through t
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