Trip Blogs: Inca Trail 2015

Date: Friday, August 21
Location: Lake Titicaca and heading home

Fantastic day again. Our mothers lead us back to the harbor where we bordered a boat to Taquile island. Here the men knit and the woman weave. We l
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Date: Thursday, August 20
Location: Amaniti Island. Lake Titicaca

The picture is our group on a local reed boat. It is rowed by two people. Some of us took a turn rowing. We stopped at a floating island and met wi
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Date: Wednesday, August 19
Location: Train to Puno

10 hours of crossing the amazing Andes.

We went up to 14,000 feet to a lovely pass, see the picture. The train is a luxury train loaded
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Date: Tuesday, August 18
Location: Cusco, Peru, 10,500 feet.

A day of exploring and transition. We sadly sent Mike, Harry and Juri back to the USA today. Our assistant guide came upon 3 of our group lost in
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Date: Monday, August 17
Location: Machu Pichu, and return to Cusco

Fantastic morning touring the world-famous Machu Pichu. Hard to explain the quality of the stonework and how extensive the complex is. Truly a won
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Date: Sunday, August 16
Location: Aguas Calientes, below Machu Pichu

Few people in the world will see a view like we had at dawn. We rose at 5:30 before the sun to climb a hill where offerings have been made for more t
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Date: Saturday, August 15
Location: Last camp on the Inca Trail

10 hours of hiking. 2 mountain passes. 13,500 and 12,500.

The picture is the group at 13,500 at the top of Dead Womans Pass Today is a list of
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Date: Friday, August 14
Location: 11,800 feet, just below Dead Woman Pass

Up we went all day gaining close to 4,000. By the time we got close to camp, we had slowed down a bit. The sun came out and we are surrounded by very
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Date: Thursday, August 13
Location: Llacapata, km 88. Inca Trail

4 hours of hiking. A bit of cool, light rain kind d of weather

Yes, we are actually hiking the Inca Trail. We started by exploring a huge Inca
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Date: Wednesday, August 12
Location: Urubamba, Peru

Training day. Went up to 12,000 feet to visit a beautiful Incan site and church. The church roof was covered in lovely frescoes.

Then we vi
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Date: Tuesday, August 11
Location: Pisac, Peru

We are up, up, up. Much cooler here, cloudy. Fantastic lunch of local foods, ceviche, local sweet potatoes, guacamole, local corn dishes, fish, bee
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Date: Monday, August 10
Location: Lima, Peru

We are all here safe and sound, Beej took an extra day to get here via Columbia but she is here.

Wonderful day of exploring Lima.

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