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Date: Sunday, August 16
Location: Aguas Calientes, below Machu Pichu

Few people in the world will see a view like we had at dawn. We rose at 5:30 before the sun to climb a hill where offerings have been made for more than a thousand years. Around us, grand peaks of pure white snow and puffy clouds changing with the sunrise. Silence spread through the group. Amazing grace drifted in the air from a bamboo flute. Chino played the pan pipes. Luis sang. We drank hot tea. Some of us prayed. Incan sites in the distance......awe surrounded us.

We had a moving ceremony to take leave of our wyki, our porters and then down we went.....We passed many more Inca sites. Now we are in the amazon jungle. Lots of colorful butterflies. So green.

Reaching the sun gate and seeing Machu Pichu spreading below we experienced maybe a bit of what the Inca may have experienced.

At the moment, in town, hot showers and dinner!

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For: Dad (Curt) & Uncle Jim & Mr. Torey

Dear dad and uncle jym, Softball tryouts went really well, i think I'm going to make the team. To Torey and dad, i almost have my standing back tuck and roundoff backhand-spring back tuck!! i hardly need a spot! Cheer camp is going really well! To everyone, I hope you guys are having fun!! P.S. i love and miss you dad

Hope - 8/17/2015

For: Curt (dad)

I made varsity cheer!!! we miss you so much and can't wait for you to get home.

Rachel - 8/17/2015

For: curt

We just pulled into the driveway and Rachel said, "Every time I see Dad's car I think, "Yay! Dad's home!" but then I remember he's still in Peru." Both of the girls say on a daily basis that they miss you. It's nice that you return early afternoon in Toronto so that you will get home with a bit of time to spend before work the next morning (ugh)…maybe photos on the 52" screen? You"ll have a plethora of pics to chose from for screen savers and maybe one or

tracey - 8/17/2015

For: TJ

Hi! It was so nice to talk to you Saturday and Sunday, an exciting surprise! Flight home is officially booked; Friday the 28th- Tuesday the 8th, I cannot wait! As I was searching flights my curiosity kicked in and I found that flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Lima are only $150 one-way, non-stop, who knew?! #UselessKnowledge Can't wait to talk to you again later, sounds like you had another amazing day! Safe travels to the next destination, Love you!!

Amanda - 8/17/2015

For: Beej

We miss you!! The dawn pictures were amazing. In true form, I have some Haikus for you and for your group. Enjoy! #1 Yay! One week down Shah! Are you smuggling cookies? The bears will eat them #2 We need you! Come back! Barkley is looking for you! Hey-how are the twins?! #3 NOLA is hot as heck Can we go to your pool now? Let's find some floatees!

Jennifer - 8/17/2015

For: Soha and Beej

Congratulations and thank you for sharing this awesome experience with us!

Judy - 8/17/2015

For: Soha & Beej

You made it! And man were you dirty and smelly :) Ha ha, so excited for you guys and proud of you both! You didn't kill each other (granted there is a week or so left!), Beej made it (my dream was not prophetic thank goodness!) AND you saw the most beautiful sunrise! Can't wait to see your pictures when you get home. Miss you both - love you more! Ruchi

Ruchi - 8/17/2015

For: Harry

Congratulations, Harry!!

Bruce - 8/17/2015

For: Torey & TJ

What an awesome adventure! You have some awesome "bucket list" accomplishments! I bet you enjoyed hot showers - I'm a little afraid to ask what you had for dinner :) Enjoy

Tonya Gary & KT - 8/17/2015

For: Torey & TJ

Can't wait for pictures, this all sounds absolutely incredible! Enjoy hot showers and dinner, miss you guys!

Kristen - 8/17/2015

For: Tor and TJ

It has been great talking with you on the phone and hearing the awe and excitment of all you have done and seen. Although I worry while you are gone,I know that this trip will be another additon to your list of "great thing I have done in my life." Tor,Shelby is still looking for you, but then again, so am I! Be safe, have fun, enjoy all there is to see and we will see you a week from today. We love you!!!!Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon/mom - 8/17/2015

For: TJ & Uncle Torey

Sounds absolutely breath taking!! I'm so happy & excited for you. We miss & love you!!! Enjoy your shower. Always believing!

Moo & Blake - 8/17/2015

For: Raj

Beautiful view !! Congratulations for making it up there !! Looking forward to pictures of Machu pichu!!

Nehal - 8/17/2015

For: Soha Beej a nd rest of the group

What accomplishment congratulations to all treasure life time memory unique experience which all can not have it u all r so lucky enjoy the rest of the trip and have a party with love Jyoti

Jyoti - 8/17/2015

For: Torey and TJ

Love the updates and pictures. Miss you both and love you so very much. Take care of each other and come home safe.

Christine - 8/16/2015

For: Mom and dad

We made it to Toronto and went Tom signs restaurant tonight, I used my asl while ordering my dinner! Hope your hike went well, and you get to see machu picchu soon. The sunset here was magical toniht!

Courtney and Joe - 8/16/2015

For: To all

Yeah!! Congratulations to all of you! What an accomplishment. The photo is gorgeous and the description of your experiences today is moving and powerful. I know you'll call upon these memories many times throughout our lives. Cherish them. Enjoy your showers and dinners! Have fun and catch your breaths (literally and figuratively)!

Sona - 8/16/2015

For: Harry and all

Sounds majestic and heavenly and spiritual! What a way to honor a civilization of long ago. Enjoy your night in town and your tour of Machu Picchu tomorrow. Stay careful and enjoy the experience. All is good in Rochester - hot and humid!

Shannon - 8/16/2015

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