Trip Blogs: Greenland by Day Hike

Date: Monday, August 29
Location: Narsarsuaq, the circle closes.

Another calm morning. Still and cold enough that some skim ice formed in sheets on the fjord.

Such stillness for such a huge fjord. We cr
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Date: Sunday, August 28
Location: QAGSSIARSSUK again

Lovely, quiet morning with our coffee overlooking our beautiful fjord. Then we went to explore the 1000 year old ruins of Eric the Red. A great long h
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Date: Saturday, August 27
Location: Qagssiarssuk, Greenland

We are at Qagssiarssuk, Greenland. Or Eric the Red called it Brattalhid.

We all got up at 2 am and were whooping and hollering at the curtains
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Date: Friday, August 26
Location: Eqalorutsit Fjord

Where is that you might ask? Laid down to sleep under the stars last night and the northern lights came out direct overhead! How cool! Love Greenlan
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Date: Thursday, August, 25. 10:30 pm
Location: Somewhere near the Greenland ice cap

We are somewhere near the Greenland ice cap at an emergency shelter deep into the back country. If you are going to go to Greenland, might as well go
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Date: Wednesday, August 24
Location: Igaliku, Greenland

How often does one get to write that location? So it is true. We are here. After 2 days Gaylinn made it. We got to the airport in Iceland to fin
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