Trip Blogs: Bhutan 2017

Date: Friday, October 27. 6 pm
Location: Thimpu, Bhutan

This will be our last post. Tomorrow we fly back to Thailand and begin our long flights home.

Today was nonstop touring. The giant Buddha
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Date: Thursday, October 26, 4 pm
Location: Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. In a very nice hotel.

Yes! First shower after 9 days. Love it! We awoke to a very fine breakfast. We had been asking for pizza so they sent up the supplies to make one wh
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Date: Wednesday, October 25. 6 pm
Location: Somewhere on the side of the Thimpu River Valley in the middle of the woods.

Big 15 mile day. Trekker comments "Looks like shangri -la" "The morning climb was glorious" We continued down the valley with glorious cliffs loaded w
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Date: Tuesday, October 24, 3:30 pm
Location: Barashong, Bhutan.

Don't look on a map. Basically down by the river, deep in a valley, 11,800 feet. No one around.

Starting with trekker comments because Je
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Date: Monday, October 23. 4 pm
Location: Shodu, Bhutan Another HUGE day. Over 16,200 pass.

Hiked from 8 am to 4 pm. Jenny not feeling too good so she rode a horse. So beautiful all day. Clouds of soft, puffy shapes floating above the sheer
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Date: Sunday, October 21
Location: Lingshi. A small Bhutanese town at 14,000 feet.

3 day walk from road. Including crossing a 16,000 foot pass. 13,500 feet. Of course the big news today is Nayla la. A 16,000 foot pass. Yesterday we
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Date: Saturday, October 21st.
Location: Same as yesterday. Jomolahari base camp.

Our weather has clouded up. Hoping we won't get too much snow or rain. Base camp day. People could choose what to do. Many chose to hike another 1
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Date: Friday, October 20, 3:30 pm
Location: Jomolahari Base Camp, Base Camp. 13,500 feet

Great hike. All are strong. A few minor headaches. Picture. We passed a last town, 2 day walk in. There was a school. 9 kids total. 2 teachers who
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Date: Thursday, October 19
Location: Thangthangka, 11,500 feet

13 miles of walking We are finally on our own and trekking. Well, not really on our own, we have 8 staff, cooks, guides, horsemen and 20 horses. We
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Date: Wednesday, October, 18, 630 pm, very dark.
Location: Shana, Bhutan

Start of our trek We are in a deep Himalaya valley, in the dark, awaiting dinner and a satellite signal to send this. Today we drove to a stunning 13,
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Date: Tuesday, October 17, 3 pm
Location: Hotel room overlooking a beautiful river in Paro

I sit here writing this in a Bhutanese decorated hotel room on a balcony. In front is a Tibetan-style, 8 sided stone building. Beyond that a lovely
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Date: Monday, October 16, 6 pm.
Location: Paro, Bhutan

Up at 2 am. And to the airport. Stopped in Kolkata India for a few minutes. Then fly into the Himalayas. Good view of Everest on the way. The lan
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Date: Sunday, October 15, 5 pm Bangkok, 6 pm Saturday New York.
Location: Lobby of a beautiful hotel in Bangkok

What an interesting day. Up early to take the train into the city. Met Ann out guide who had a delightful sense of humor. We had to visit some unus
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Date: Saturday, October 14, 8 pm.
Location: Bangkok, Thialand.

Wow, all here. Tired. 2 days straight of travel. 12 hour time difference. Most of us got here early enough today to take the sky train to giant wee
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