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Date: Saturday, October 14, 8 pm.
Location: Bangkok, Thialand.

Wow, all here. Tired. 2 days straight of travel. 12 hour time difference. Most of us got here early enough today to take the sky train to giant weekend market. Great Pad Thia. And the foot massage was heavenly.

The death of the king last year is being commemorated all over town this week.

Just want all to know to write us here. Will post more when awake more.

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For: My. Sister Jennyhi

Hi Jen. Miss you. Hope my short message gets there. Miss you. All is well here.

Jackie - 10/23/2017

For: RoRo

We love you and miss you! That foot massage looks wonderful! From A- I had a snuggle with Fordy in bed this morning. I like having him here. Are those children that are giving you a foot massage? From E- I really hope you enjoy your trip. The foot massage must have been wonderful after a long flight. Can you tell me more about the pad thai? How did it taste?

Ella and Adelai - 10/14/2017

For: Sarah and Garth

Glad you got there safely. Looks like you are enjoying your foot massage! I am doing fine. Nana and Papa are taking good care of me. Love Ollie.

Ollie - 10/14/2017

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