Trip Blogs: Women's House Building 2017

Date: Monday, March 13th
Location: On our way home

It's a somber ride this morning. We all have loved this adventure- it's a bit overwhelming to think of saying goodbye to this beautiful country an
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Date: Sunday, March 12th
Location: Karatu Tanzania

Another day of adventure! Lions and hyenas lulled us to sleep in our tents last night. We were well rested for animal searching today, covering ab
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Date: Saturday, March 11th
Location: Serengeti National Park

"Yusuf is the best!" This was the unanimous response when I asked the group what they wanted me to include in today's post. We have had another am
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Date: Friday, March 9th LOCATION
Location: Ngorongoro Crater

This morning we left Rick in the bustling metropolis of Karatu as we headed out on safari. He's on his way back to reality while the rest of us ge
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Date: Friday, March 9
Location: Back in Karatu.

Today we are going to do individual summary statements. What I will take home......

Esther: My husband now can use his newly learne
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Date: Wednesday, March 8
Location: We left this morning from Lake Eyasi and are back in Karatu

We woke up in the dark to go hunting with the bushmen. They live by hunting and gathering so we had to go find them. We had a local guide who knew whe
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Date: Tuesday, March 7
Location: Last night in Lake Eyasi

What a way to end! The community of over 100 people held a ceremony to thank us. We danced with them, sang with them, ate a meal they prepared and gav
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Date: Monday, March 6
Location: The village, school and Lightness's Mom's house

In the photo is Mary, Mary and her mother. Here is their story:

Mary met Mary the first day at the houses. They immediately clicked becoming f
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Date: Sunday, March 5
Location: Lake Eyasi, church and market day

Photo is of Lightness from the village, not our Lightness, serving our daily meal they make called ugi. Behind her are some of the names of donors t
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Date: Saturday, March 4
Location: YES, with the women still at the village in Lake Eyasi

Today was the tour of the houses of the villages ladies. Each house has a pretty intense story and pretty bad roof. The roof last night at Christi
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Date: Friday, March 3
Location: Still at Lake Eyasi.

Working at the building site and with the girls at the vocational school This experience is to build houses but it is about people. We interviewed the
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Date: Thursday, March 2nd
Location: Lake Eyasi

Another great day on the job site! It's Jaima writing this one.

Christina's house now has a colorful exterior and the foundation is almost
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Date: Wednesday, March 1
Location: Lake Eyasi, Girls Vocational School

We arrived at our building site to our tent being blown down in the wind last night. Wow! We worked hard. The picture is Christina and her son in her
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Date: Tuesday, February 28
Location: Lake Eyasi Village

We got out of the car to the community of women dancing toward us, singing and waving branches- the Iraw people were welcoming us with a song of bless
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Date: Monday, February 27
Location: Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Can you say elephant? Zebra? Wow! Yes they are all here and alive. We started the day with a safari drive in Lake Manyara National Park. Well, mo
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Date: Sunday, February 26
Location: Karatu Tanzania

As you can see we have already run into an elephant. Very dangerous. He was hanging out below us at lunch. Plane flight of a total of 17 hours trav
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