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Date: Tuesday, February 28
Location: Lake Eyasi Village

We got out of the car to the community of women dancing toward us, singing and waving branches- the Iraw people were welcoming us with a song of blessing, beginning a day of sharing, laughter, and connection. We were struck by the ease of communication and the amount of joy we felt when the women invited us to help prepare lunch, cleaning rice and stirring ugali, a very thick hominy-like staple, over a wood fire. Sharing a laugh over our incompetence united us and set the stage for our time to come, each group feeling honored by the presence of the other. We met the women whose homes have been built already. The first house was built for Marietta, a mother of 6 and an orphan from the village. House #2, which we painted today, is for Christina, a mother of 5 and the landowner who gave some of her property to Marietta so she could have a home. This kindness and compassion filled our time together, from the dance we shared before lunch to the groundbreaking of the foundation for House #3. I think we all are excited to come together again kesho (tomorrow).

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For: Jaima

This sounds so amazing!! Have fun building bonds with everyone and houses;-) Love you Jaima!

Daniel - 3/1/2017

For: Jaima

The welcome sounds amazing and I bet it is great to get to work! Mid sixties today, 20's tonight and 30's tomorrow, crazy! XOXO

Mom - 3/1/2017


This description of the women dancing is beautiful. I got a little teary eyed sitting here at my desk. Love you all, Barb

BARB - 3/1/2017

For: for the rest of my family

It sounds like a lot of fun! Keep enjoying it.

Paula - 3/1/2017

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