Trip Blogs: The Way: A Pilgrimage Across Spain

Date: June 26, Thursday
Location: Finisterre, Spain. 500 miles from where I started.

I crested the hill to a remote beach and in front of me was a leaping, diving line of dolphins. It was if they had purposely waited for me. It was
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Date: June 17
Location: Herreias, Spain. 26 km today. Second day on Second trip

Two pilgrim thoughts for the day.

Top bunks are humbling. You are connected to the person below you. There is not much room for the few belo
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Date: June 12th, Thursday. 4pm
Location: Santiago del Campostella

Here I sit in front of the giant cathedral of St James as millions of peregrinos before me have. A bagpipe is playing. People are hugging. Some cr
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Date: June 6, Friday
Location: Triacastela, 85 miles from Santiago, 225 down

The path here is worn 15 foot deep by the foot treads of over 1000 years of pilgrims. We stop in a church to pray, play flute. Outside many pilgrim
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Date: June 1, 2014
Location: Ponferrada

180 miles walked, 130 to go.

We met a men dressed as a knight, a falcon on his hand. We held and stroked the bird. We left and I noticed a sign
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Date: May 21, 2014
Location: Leon, Spain

Roughly 100 miles walked and 200 to go to get to Santiago 

We experienced an incredible and beautiful moment today. Inside th
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Date: May 23, 2014
Location: Carrion del los condes

The waving, flowing, wheat fields, with the quickly flying low fluffy clouds combine with the soothing repetition of the flowing of the steps. The
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Date: Wednesday, May 21 2014
Location: Castrjeriz - Start of the pilgrimage


Starting is stopping. We stop where we lived, what we were doing, who we were doing it with. It is not as easy to stop ou
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