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Date: June 17
Location: Herreias, Spain. 26 km today. Second day on Second trip

Two pilgrim thoughts for the day.

Top bunks are humbling. You are connected to the person below you. There is not much room for the few belongings you have. There is no privacy. Every day for over 40 days I will be sleeping in a different place. Normal things like our beds that ground us at home are not part of a pilgrimage.

What does ground a pilgrim? Being present to the incredible beauty stretching out in all directions from the top of a mountain. Standing on a pure white huge junk of quartz, on a remote route that few pilgrims take, the immense blue sky flows through you and into the boulder and the mountain below it.

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For: Camino Rick

Ha -- you know I was looking for another "B" word that was part of my "grim" in pilgrim! I can now say I survived bites, blisters and bunk beds. Thinking of you guys everyday and looking forward to hearing about beyond San Diago! Hope all is well - Buen Camino to you both.

Camino Karen - 6/23/2014

For: Rick

Yep you are home stretch soon-Crazy weather here-Grad party and ceremony for cam coming up.Some short boat trips on the calender-Keeping track of Noah while Bry is on a whale watch with Jake.Keep on trekking

Daddeo - 6/19/2014

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