Trip Blogs: Inca Trail II 2013

Date: August 7, Wednesday
Location: Amantani island, Taquile Island, Puno.

Special experiences. Not sure which one to start with. Memorable moments. Dressing up in the local clothing and dancing with locals. Sharing mea
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Date: Monday, August 5
Location: Train across the Altiplano to Lake Titicaca

Change of pace. Apart from dancing to Peruvian folk music not much exercise today on the 10 hour ride. We all seemed to need the break anyway. La
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Date: August 4, Sunday
Location: Cusco, Peru

Lots of culture. Some of us went out dancing in a disco last night. Wild, fun and crazy dancing, dancing with the locals, loud, really loud mus
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Date: August 3, Saturday
Location: Machu Picchu, and back to Cusco

We were up early and took the bus up to Machu Picchu. Some chose to dare to climb the nearby peak of Wayna Picchu. They were not disappointed with
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Date: August 2, Friday
Location: Augas Caleinte and MACH PICCHU

Tears. Best way to describe today. Good tears. Tears at the sudden expansive view of Machu Picchu when we went through the sun gate. Relief of ha
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Date: August 1, Thursday. We hit Machu Picchu day!
Location: Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes

In the chilly morning air we waited and as you see the sunburst into our mountains. At this place for hundreds of years including today, local peop
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Date: July 31, Wednesday
Location: 12,500 feet camp. Camp in a llama pasture beneath Dead woman's pass. 6 plus miles of hiking

Not all 6 miles are the same. All up hill today. But the higher we got the more amazing the view. The tiny villages of local farmers was left behin
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Date: July 30, Tuesday, day 1 Inca trail
Location: Llacapata, first camp on Inca trail. 3 miles hiking. 9200 feetish

Yes! We have started. After for some a year or more in planning we are walking. We are on a sacred trail. the Inca ruler was carried and bathed in t
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Date: July 29, Monday
Location: Urubamba, Maras, salt mines and area

Okay, so we saw ancient mysteries of Inca sites, picnic beneath spectacular glaciated mountains, walked by ancient terraced salt mine but the big even
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Date: July 28th, Sunday
Location: Pisac, Peru

Most important first is for all loved ones back home to know we are all safe and doing well... Flights went well. Already we are exploring the Andes.
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