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Date: August 3, Saturday
Location: Machu Picchu, and back to Cusco

We were up early and took the bus up to Machu Picchu. Some chose to dare to climb the nearby peak of Wayna Picchu. They were not disappointed with the sheer drop offs and the exposure. When this part of the group returned to the entrance to catch the bus the line was an hour and a half long. So instead of waiting we descended by the steps 1500 feet and an extra hour walk to Aguas Calientes to arrive a bit late at lunch. The others were already at the restaurant and dancing. 

At dusk we returned to Cusco to a late night arrival. Sunday will find us exploring the wonderful mix of colonial city built atop Inca ruins and time to do our laundry.

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For: To Kelly, Taylor, Mackenzie

Wow, I wish I could be there with you! What an awesome trip. the views must be incredible. Good for all of you. I love you all. Cathy

From: Aunt Cathy - 8/4/2013

For: To?Kelly, Taylor, and Mackenzie (maximum 255 chars)

I am sure you are getting some fabulous pictures, we can't wait to see them. I hope Erin and Ginny saved some brownies for you, Mackenzie. Same old here, we had a good First Friday with a little rain. We look forward to hearing all about the trip and having you home safe.Type your message here...

From?Yaya and Papau (maximum 255 chars) - 8/4/2013

For: To? lucy

Thanks so much for all the good snacks on the high peaks yesterday. They helped so much with the added', unexpected hike back to AC.

From linda and laura - 8/4/2013

For: Kenzsie

Hello Darling! While you were hiking today we made brownies while it rained. Erin would like you know that she met her husband in Wyoming his name is Thomas and you're going to be a bridesmaid.. put it on the calendar. She also met another hot boy who turns out is 14. I told her ago becomes "just a number" when you graduate middle school. We hope you're having an amazing time and your "group" is enjoying these messages.You haven't really missed much here.WE LOVE YOU (please

Erin and Ginny - 8/4/2013

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