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Date: Monday, August 5
Location: Train across the Altiplano to Lake Titicaca

Change of pace. Apart from dancing to Peruvian folk music not much exercise today on the 10 hour ride. We all seemed to need the break anyway. Last night we ate in a local and I mean local place. A local 5 year old borrowed in fascination the tablet and began taking pictures and giggling of her family. No cuy, guinea pig, it had all been eaten. We will try tonight. Be sure. To ask your family and friends how the dinner was. Very local. 

At the high point of the journey today, we watched as 2 llamas were put on the top of a van for transport. They were tied down with a net. We passed hundreds of llama and alpacas in the Altiplano today. 

So, tonight in Puno, we will search out guinea pig, cuy. 

No post tomorrow when we are at the home stays in the middle of lake Titicaca. We will be going to the reed islands and taking a ride in reed boats. Next post look for photos of us dressed up for our big dance at 13,000 feet,

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For: Kelly and the Girls

Did you get to see the floating city on the lake?

Kory - 8/8/2013

For: Dan

Can't wait to hear about your homestay in the middle of the lake (and your whole trip). Have fun!

Pam - 8/7/2013

For: Kris

All I can say Kris, is "How exciting". Wow!!! Miss you and will see you soon.

Mom - 8/6/2013

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