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Date: July 28th, Sunday
Location: Pisac, Peru

Most important first is for all loved ones back home to know we are all safe and doing well... Flights went well. Already we are exploring the Andes. At this moment the group is wandering the local market. It is full of the farmers from the MTS selling produce. Much we can't recognize. I mean there are over 3,000types of potatoes here.

We need to walk soon since so far we have eaten more then walked. Some serious good deserts just now, cheesecake, carrot cake.... Yum!

So as you can see we are enjoying our first day in Inca land.

Stay tuned for tomorrow...

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For: Darlene

Glad all is well....we're thinking of you guys. Can't wait to hear all your stories!

Jeff and Sue - 7/29/2013

For: Linda

Good Luck and be safe!!!

Phil & Leigh - 7/29/2013

For: Inca Trail II folks

We don't know you guys, but wanted to wish you well! You are in for a wonderful two weeks with Rick! We will be thinking of you every step of the way. You are probably sound asleep at the Villa Urubamba right now. Please pet the beautiful guardian German Shepherd doggies for us in the morning. Have fun at the salt mines!

The Campbell 5 - 7/29/2013

For: All Inca Trail II participants

Good Luck Inca Trail II crew. Enjoy the challenge and the view !! Am back home and thinking of your adventure... A trip of a lifetime... Amazing views await you as well as a sense of accomplishment. Bueno Suerte Karen Mesolella

From : Karen Mez - Inca Trail I participant - 7/28/2013

For: Rick

Hope you enjoyed the paragliding! Dang, I'm having to cook my own food again. What's with that? I can though hike to the top of my driveway and hardly take a breath. :> Have a great tirp 2!

Catherine - 7/28/2013

For: Dan, Cookie & Linda

I am glad you all arrived safely. Enjoy your adventure!

Pam Ashmankas - 7/28/2013

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