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Date: May 21, 2014
Location: Leon, Spain

Roughly 100 miles walked and 200 to go to get to Santiago 

We experienced an incredible and beautiful moment today. Inside the cathedral at mass there was amazing light from the towering stain glass windows going 3 stories up. Built in the 13th century countless pilgrims have knelt in this church for mass. The music swirled up, and up. Incense filled the air. When it was time for communion, there was no way to go forward to receive it, except humbled. 

 All are dong well. Some toes are missing skin from blisters. The combination of countries, walking, scenery and ancient sites creates a unique and spiritual journey. There is an amazing culture of positive attitudes, openness, cheerfulness from both most pilgrims and people we meet. If it possible here why cant we create that attitude outside of the trek?

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