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Date: Saturday, March 4
Location: YES, with the women still at the village in Lake Eyasi

Today was the tour of the houses of the villages ladies. Each house has a pretty intense story and pretty bad roof. The roof last night at Christine's old house, let in the rain, they stayed up all night. We need to buy a mattress tomorrow so she can have her first night in her new house. The picture is of Christine and one of the ladies. The way it came to be was we were touring the houses and Chris had this women come over and want to walk with her. Everybody was taking pictures. The women put her arm around Chris and said "picture". And she brought her face to Chris's. There you go. Chris's words "I feel like some of the relationships I am having herew are as deep as some I've had my whole life. Every time we go to the school with the women I have gotten to know, they want to hug me, they want to know how I am. I have to show them with my face so they know. I was walking with a group of women and Lightness had to explain to me they wanted me to know I was beautiful. I was stunned. I think they are beautiful. In their brokenness, their challenges, their smiles still shine through."

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For: Mama

Mama did you know that you have the same birthday as Laura lngalls Wilder! Miss you so much! Love you, Ella

Ella - 3/5/2017

For: Mary

Sounds as if your experience is really special. Can't wait to hear more about young Mary! Paul and I went to Mamma G's Saturday, had a lovely time. Watch out for the elephants! S

Stephen - 3/5/2017

For: Christine

Have been following your amazing journey! We are sure this awesome experience will have benefits and rewards for you and those you are helping! Keep smiling! Love and prayers.r

Mary Ann and John - 3/4/2017

For: Christine

It has been wonderful following the posts. You are all doing such amazing things. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your new friends. Wonderful picture too! Love you! Margaret

Margaret Linsner - 3/4/2017

For: Chris laz

Wow Chris ! The picture of you and that woman that is hugging you is incredible ! It appears you are indeed having the experience of a lifetime! Love and prayers ! Eileen

Eileen - 3/4/2017

For: Jaima

I am so happy that you are part of this wonderful trip!!! The human race is alive and well in a remote village in Tanzania. I love you Jaima!

Daniel - 3/4/2017

For: Jaima

Jaima, what a life changing experience you all are having! I love hearing about it. All love from NYC, Mom

Mom - 3/4/2017

For: Chris

Hi! It is so wonderful to see a glimpse of all you are experiencing. You are beautiful. You all are beautiful! Keep working hard and continue to feel the joy.

Scott, Sara, Alex and Erin - 3/4/2017

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