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Date: Friday, March 9
Location: Back in Karatu.

Today we are going to do individual summary statements. What I will take home......

Esther: My husband now can use his newly learned masonry skills at home. There is desperate need for access to birth control along with education about the advantages of family planning.

Emily: I was blown away by the incredible attitudes of the woman of the village. The passion and vision of Lightness which has created such tangible changes.

Christine: The kindness and generosity from the young to the old.

Mary: To live in the moment, no fears, no worries. To love each person I meet everyday. The people have taught me these lessons. The people here will always live in my heart. We are all children of God. God does not mistakes. We are all loved.

Jaima: The connections that were so easily created without regard to our differences. I want to continue living with the openheartedness that forms bonds with other people.

Jeff: I enjoyed meeting all the people of the village and learning about their way of life. (beautiful pictures of the birds too)

Rick: To stay aware of the beauty and human need and desire for connection in all of us.

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For: Jaima

Hello J, Hope you are having fun on safari! We are all very excite to see you and here about your travels! Love you!

Daniel - 3/10/2017

For: Everybody

We loved having you visit Tumaini Junior and Tanzania Education Corp! The kids loveeeed running around with you. Today, Janeth (Marietha's daughter) gave us a picture that she drew of her mom, herself, and their new home!! Get in touch so we can send it to you!! Missing all of you already...

Meghan and Adrienne - 3/10/2017

For: Jaima

Hello!!! I see you!!!! I love this!! Thank you for your thought provoking words. I love you Jaima! Kiddos were home today and Studio did not have power so it worked out nicely. Kiddo again do not have school tomorrow but I have work, so it is "Bring your children to work day".

Daniel - 3/9/2017

For: Mary Callaway're darn tootin' kiddo - God does not make mistakes - it is we who put a slant on everything according to our own prejudices and preferences. It is up to us to get past them. That said - I want to give you an update on the weather in Roch - 81 mile gusts of wind yesterday knocked out power for 100,000 persons - Paul and Helen are okay as am I. Irene was affected as was most of Brighton, Pittsford. Greece got it the worst. Temps to drop to mid 20's tomorrow and weekend. love, Mary

Mary Critikos - 3/9/2017

For: Jaima

I cannot wait to see you and hear all the news! And, it is all about the connections.leigh and I are at Mohonk enjoying a glass of wine in our room with a nice fire going. We hiked the woods after our last session. Home tomorrow and then off to the cottage to check in. We had horrendous winds yesterday--all schools and some businesses closed today. Lots of power outages. Love you. Mom

Mom - 3/9/2017

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