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Date: Tuesday, March 7
Location: Last night in Lake Eyasi

What a way to end! The community of over 100 people held a ceremony to thank us. We danced with them, sang with them, ate a meal they prepared and gave and received speeches. They wrote special songs for us to thank us. Beautiful. Part of the ceremony is they dressed and sang to each of us. That is the picture, Jaima receiving her shuka. Lots of pictures, more pictures&. My favorite moment was taking a picture of each of the two women in their new houses. They are sitting on a new bed, beaming, I mean really beaming&Tonight will be the first night of their changed life. On of the beautiful things to me is as the new owners thanked us, they also acknowledged the other women in need. They are so conscious of the whole community. We have learned so much from our new friends. We ended with our last visit to the vocational school. We picked up our clothing newly sewn. Brilliant colors. A new fad for sure when we get home. We planted another 200 trees today, or started to. So much yet to be done. We are just a small moment of hopefully many more to come. Please spread word on this project. We expect to come back each year and need your support.

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For: Jaima

Hello! There you are!!! I so loved opening up the blog tonight and seeing a picture of you! Thank you Rick! Kiddos loved it too. A said when I was putting him to bed tonight "I hope I have a dream about Mama" :-) I'm sure it is hard to leave Lake Eyasi and your new friends. The ceremony sounds wonderful, so special for everyone. Have a great time on safari!!! LOVE YOU!

Daniel - 3/7/2017

For: Mary Callaway

I'm glad your enjoying another pack, paddle and ski adventure. Thanks for the memories in Iceland & Greenland. It sure was a trip of a lifetime. Take care. William

William - 3/7/2017

For: Esther and family

Jambo! What an amazing adventure. We are so glad you have had the chance to return and share Africa with your family! Can't wait to hear the stories when you return. Love Linda and Paul

Linda and Paul - 3/7/2017

For: Christine

Just catching up on the posts! What a beautiful, fulfilling adventure! I am so glad you have had a chance for this life changing experience. I can't wait to hear all about it when you return. -Linda

Linda Artruc - 3/7/2017

For: Mama

Mommy I love you! I can't believe you got a shuka!! I can't wait for you to go on safari. Remember to take pictures of baby elephants! I love you and miss you!!!

Ella - 3/7/2017

For: Mama

Hello Mommy! When are you coming home? The Shuka looks good on you! I am doing my S.E.T. Talk on rainbows! I love you and miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss you!

Adelai - 3/7/2017

For: Jaima

Beautiful photo, lovely lady!

Mom - 3/7/2017

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