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Date: Monday, March 6
Location: The village, school and Lightness's Mom's house

In the photo is Mary, Mary and her mother. Here is their story:

Mary met Mary the first day at the houses. They immediately clicked becoming fast friends. Mary would cover Marys knees when helping at the fire cooking for example. Marys mother did the best she could after her husband left her with 5 kids. Primary school was a stretch. To break the cycle, Mary needs more school. Our Mary said she would sponsor Mary at Lightnesss vocational school. We had a discussion and Monday Mary will be on a new trajectory. Hopefully not just for Mary but if she can get a job it will help the rest of her family. It is an unbelievable in a way we can not imagine. We went tree shopping today on the way to the houses. We piled them high on the roof of the truck driving pole pole, (slowly). Each new house gets 7 trees to grow to shade it. I must say, our water carrying and digging paled in comparison our village ladies. We ended the day visiting Lightnesss mom. Her husband left when she was 10. That fueled her passion to improve the life of woman in the villages. At 63 her mom works in the onion fields every day. Each field is planted then they move to the next persons field. The sense of community far exceeds our best in the US. This joy of connection is what we carry back to our tents each day.

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For: Rick

Hey Bro, I am so happy to be a part of your journeys and growth in life.... thanks for all you do for me and for other people... I am truly the lucky one... Enjoying reading about community....

The favorite son... at least for now..ahaha - 3/6/2017

For: Jaima

I picked up Adelai today from his Encore and talk about a match! They used static electricity to "float orbs" in the air...our guy! Flu has become rainbows--much more manageable. Freezing cold on the weekend; mid 50's today. I am off to Mohonk to a brain conference--seems as if you all have that covered there--a way bit of heart as well. I so look forward to actually hearing about it all from you. Rick, you know I will corner you when you arrive next week! All love, Mom

Mom - 3/6/2017

For: Jaima

Hello Babes! I got your text!!! I was just checking the time this morning and did a double take at my phone. So good to hear from you! The kiddos were jumping up and down! It is very cool that you are planting trees as well. I am sure shade is a very important this over there. Take care and we all Love and miss you so much!!!

Daniel - 3/6/2017

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