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Date: Friday, March 9th LOCATION
Location: Ngorongoro Crater

This morning we left Rick in the bustling metropolis of Karatu as we headed out on safari. He's on his way back to reality while the rest of us get to take a bit of time to transition. It was difficult to say goodbye- the connections we've made on this adventure are not limited to the people we have met here. This group is a tight one, bonded by our individuality and our joint experience. It was a quiet ride to Ngorongoro Crater, all of us contemplating the intensity of the past couple of weeks, some also tired from a crazy evening dancing at a Tanzanian club. But that wildlife is not the type I want to focus on at the moment. I'm writing this from the rim of the crater at the end of a perfect day on safari. You never know what you're going to see, but thanks to Yusuf, so far we've seen seen it all. Our luck in Lake Manyara (seeing the tree-climbing lions) has come with us. We are in search of the Big 5- lion (check), cape buffalo (check), elephant (check), rhino (check!!! Only about 20 in the crater, the only place we would have a chance to see them), and leopard (fingers crossed). We were not expecting to see the black rhino, so being able to eat lunch in the truck while watching it graze was quite the treat! Over dinner we all agreed that the day could not have been better- the list of animals was lengthy. In addition to those mentioned above, there were gazelles, wildebeests, zebras, hyenas, tons of birds, hippos, baboons and wart hogs. No giraffes live in the crater, but we may hear some outside our tents tonight. The favorite sighting was the 1 or 2-day old elephant. We oohed and awed over the herd, including about 4 babies. Tomorrow will bring an early departure for the Serengeti and even more adventure. Our dreams will be good tonight!

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For: Jaima

Just waking up to daylight savings at the cottage. Morning light is now dark. It is very cold, single digits, quite unlike what you have. The bay has re-iced in but none out at 3-Tree. I am quite enjoying but find it weird that there is not a speck of snow on the ground. They say that a big storm is heading to at least the east coast this week; maybe a last hurrah...The list of sightings is amazing! What an adventure you are all having. I will pump Rick when he comes this week. Love

Mom - 3/12/2017

For: Jaima

Hello hello! Wow that was a big list of animals you saw. E will be so excited you saw baby elephants!! I am sure you have some great shots! Hope the new camera is work well. Great to read your post! Love you!

Daniel - 3/11/2017

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