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Date: Wednesday, March 8
Location: We left this morning from Lake Eyasi and are back in Karatu

We woke up in the dark to go hunting with the bushmen. They live by hunting and gathering so we had to go find them. We had a local guide who knew where to look. They live a very primitive life. We found them in some caves. They start their hunting by smoking a little marijuana. Them we tried to follow them on foot. Fortunately they kept waiting for us. They mostly hunt birds with us. (see picture) After they shot a few birds they made a fire by rubbing a stick between their hands. The ember was dropped into some tinder and blown into flame. The birds were quickly plucked and placed on the fire. They kindly shared a bite with us. We also found honey in a tree by watching ants moving in and out of the trunk. They hacked open the tree to access to access the honey. We shared that too, complete with a few ants crawling around in it. We stopped at a local hut on the way back to camp where they were making brass bracelets by melting junk metal like old locks. Some purchase were made. Next we left our tents and all our wonderful staff and cooks there to return to Karatu. Low-key day in the afternoon as we prepare for a town day the next day. Although our lodge in town has beautiful rooms, we will miss our starlight nights and quiet camp.

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For: Jaima

Wow! This sounds like an amazing experience to see these people in their raw element. You definitely hunted with real bushmen Jaima! Hope all is well with you. I love you and can't wait to see you soon!!!

Daniel - 3/8/2017

For: Mary Callaway

From the sights this appears to be the very best trip yet - I echo Karen and Steve - you're involved with the local community and not simply a passer-by. I just finished making some clam chowder and will take over tomorrow - told Helen on Sunday it would be ready towards the end of the week. We're having a wind storm here, Pittsford affected. All is well. Take care and continue your excellent work. doesn't seem the same with you so far away. Mary

Mary Critikos - 3/8/2017

For: Mary Callaway

You and your friends are TOTALLY AWESOME! What an experience! What a trip! We loved reading your stories and looking at the photos. Steve and Paul had lunch acouple of days ago. All is good here in Rochester. Now, Mary....please come home in one piece! We miss you! Karen and Steve

Karen and Steve - 3/8/2017

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