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Date: Thursday, October 26, 4 pm
Location: Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. In a very nice hotel.

Yes! First shower after 9 days. Love it! We awoke to a very fine breakfast. We had been asking for pizza so they sent up the supplies to make one which is hard with just one burner. So they did not have time last night so they made it for breakfast. Yum!

We had a goodbye ceremony for our new friends. They commented on how they enjoyed our group as we did not complain. Seems many groups do not attempt to make friends with the staff preferring to being demanding and unappreciative. To us, the long hard hours they put in and the attention is humbling.

So we hiked one last time through deep woods of ancient, giant trees to the lock up point. Here we were met with beers and pastries.

We hiked around and spun prayer wheels at a temple to give thanks(the picture) at the end.

Now we are resting in a lovely hotel. Tonight we will see Bhutanese dancing. Tomorrow we will let you know about the many interesting sites we will be visiting.

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For: Garth and Sarah

Just to clarify and reassure, Ollie is at Mike and Anna's!

Linda and Rob - 10/26/2017

For: Garth and Sarah

Sounds wonderful! Nice that everyone is getting some R&R after all your trekking and hiking. Ollie went to Mike and Sarah's this morning and is doing fine. We are off to Toronto this afternoon for the wedding on Saturday.Have a safe trip home. Can't wait to see all your photos and hear more about your trip! Love to both of you!

Linda and Rob - 10/26/2017

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