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Date: Friday, October 27. 6 pm
Location: Thimpu, Bhutan

This will be our last post. Tomorrow we fly back to Thailand and begin our long flights home.

Today was nonstop touring. The giant Buddha was attended by a gathering of thousands of monks. They were in a month long retreat listening to Je Khenpo, the head abbot of Bhutan. They sat cross legged in their saffron robes beneath a giant tent. Some spinning prayer wheels, some weaving, some sleeping, some chanting...

We stopped at a trade school to watch the intricate arts of carving, silver smith, embroidery, painting and sewing being learned. Visited a preserve with takin, the national animal. Went to a traditional hospital to learn of the blood letting, herbal medicine and other ancient healing arts.

We went into a 400 year old traditional house to learn of the life style still lived high in the hills. And of course we also shopped for exotic gifts.

We of course had to sample the excellent local bakery too.(picture)

So, we are looking forward to sharing our stories with you. Also to catch up on your life while we have been gone.

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