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Date: Friday, August 26
Location: Eqalorutsit Fjord

Where is that you might ask? Laid down to sleep under the stars last night and the northern lights came out direct overhead! How cool! Love Greenland.

Today we day hiked 3.5 down to an amazing fjord. 3 mile wide huge glacier calving into it. Pic today does not do it justice.

At the head is what we are guessing a thousand year old Viking or Greenlandic site. How did they live here?

Now we are hunkered down in an emergency shelter. Views all the way around. Hard to explain the remoteness, rawness, extreme beauty. It is tea time. A bit of wind blowing drowning out the waterfall sound.

Tomorrow we get up at 5 am. Need to be hiking by 6 am. Need the 8 hours to make our pick up by boat by 2:45. Hoping with the clearing sky more northern lights.

Stay tuned and we will let you know...

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For: Mary and William Callaway

It was announced at 8:00 a.m. this morning that Sally had died earlier in the week. The funeral will be Wednesday at 11:00 a.m.

Mary Critikos - 8/28/2016

For: Barbara

Hi Grammy! I hope you're having fun hiking in Greenland! Did you see any penguins? Don't get sick. Xoxo claire

Claire - 8/27/2016

For: Barbara

If you start to get homesick, remember all the responsibilities waiting for you at home.... see!? Didn't that help? Love and miss you! Carol

Carol Lustig - 8/27/2016

For: David G

Looks like it's a great trip with spectacular views. Nothing like an adventure to spice up your life. Safe travels all.

Ralph - 8/27/2016

For: Gaylinn

Glad to see you made it momma! I'm sure you're real happy to be there now. Have a great time, we are jealous! Love Amy and Alex

Amylark - 8/27/2016

For: Barb

Love your picture! What an adventure!! I'm ready to go with you!!! Looks and sounds fabulous! Have a safe journey and enjoy. Love ya! Pam

Pam - 8/27/2016

For: Mary and William Callaway

Hi there, all is well here. I will be going to the Greek festival this afternoon and picking up some spinach pie for Paul for the weekend. And then on Monday we return to Rocky's for more eggplant. We found your corn shed on East Henrietta Road and he took some home on Friday along with some fish from Palmer's after lunch. Will be happy to see you on Wednesday after your adventures at the top of the world. love to you both from Mary

Mary Critikos - 8/27/2016

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