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Date: Thursday, August, 25. 10:30 pm
Location: Somewhere near the Greenland ice cap

We are somewhere near the Greenland ice cap at an emergency shelter deep into the back country. If you are going to go to Greenland, might as well go big and have a huge adventure.

So, we were dropped off by a boat at a remote pile of rocks on the side of the fjord. New route since log not over river anymore. So uphill we went into the unknown. Piles of rocks, no trail, canyons, waterfalls and over 2000 feet of uphill. Slowly, slowly, step, stop, step, stop. Looking back, far below, our fjord full of icebergs... Uphill, more uphill.

After 5 hours we crested into a large valley. The ice cap rose above the mountains. A glacier, huge cascading down far off... Just at dark we arrived. Exhausted but everyone pulled together to pitch camp.

We have only taken the most min belongings, fitting all including food into our day packs. We are living big tonight...

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For: Jennifer

Exciting. Thinking of you! Just read latest update

Judith van - 8/26/2016

For: Jennifer

Enjoying reading more of your adventures and traveling vicariously through you!

Patti and Ron - 8/26/2016

For: The Greenland Team

Missing you all and loving hearing about your Greenland adventures. Sending big hugs.

Flo - 8/26/2016

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