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Date: Wednesday, August 12
Location: Urubamba, Peru

Training day. Went up to 12,000 feet to visit a beautiful Incan site and church. The church roof was covered in lovely frescoes.

Then we visited an Incan agricultural research place 600 years old. Did you know the Incas had 3,000 plus types of potatoes?

Our training hike was an hour down hill to the salt mines pictured with Harry. All passed the hike.

We finished by sampling and seeing where they made chicha, a local beer made of corn.

Now we are packing to begin our trek tomorrow. Tiny duffel to pack in. If it does not fit, you can't take it.

Still waiting to eat our first guinea pig though we did eat alpaca last night.

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For: Jim, Curt, and Tory

How as the chicha??? How about the alpaca? And the guinea pig?!?! (did it taste like chicken?)

Pete Stecher - 8/14/2015

For: Tj

8:00 pm here, just finishing dinner and for the first time ever, we're not synchronizing our schedules to talk before we go to sleep. There's a strange void in my night. Know that I'm thinking about you and miss you fiercely. Sleep well and have a dynamite day tomorrow! (Haha!) ;) I love you! (Sorry for the mush everyone! -- love you too and happy travels!, haha!)

Amanda - 8/13/2015

For: TJ

Hi babe! I miss you!! Hope you had an incredible day on the trail today. I have great news, I finished all of my expense reports!! I know, I should reward myself with something nice-- I was thinking the same thing! Sending good vibes to the group-- frantically thinking about you!! Stay safe and warm!! All the best, love you TJ!

Amanda - 8/13/2015

For: curt

Miss you so much! Make sure to take lots of pictures and stay safe. Hope you all are having a fantastic time. Bring home some potatoes!!

hope & rachel - 8/13/2015

For: Beej

BEEJ!!!!!! We miss you. We've been teaching like crazy and it's been a bore without you, it looks like you are having a blast. I've decided to write you two more Haikus to keep you focused and inspired. :-) #1 One less turtle here You are Michaelangelo Because YOU are funny #2 What are you eating? Are they making you cookies? Please find me some bears.

Jennifer - 8/13/2015

For: harry

OK. I see you and I believe. I'll think of you while I am walking the flat towpath.

Ray - 8/13/2015

For: Torey and TJ

I just told KT you were eating Guinea Pig and she is more than a little grossed out since she had a couple of them. If you tell her Dachshunds we may have to switch gyms :) Sounds like an awesome adventure thankfully you have beer! Can't wait for the next update -

Hollederer's - 8/13/2015

For: Torey & TJ

Sounds like it's still going great! Jealous of all your food related adventures, you know how I feel about a new snack! Torey, we have a half day in the books at Congress and I'm sitting down to a 'World-Class Office Manager' seminar. I figure I could probably teach this one ;) Safe travels!!

Kristen - 8/13/2015

For: Soha and Beej

Have enjoyable time. Since two sisters are together doing the adventure it will be more fun. Take care. All well in DC and MD. Craziness of Mr. Trump is in news all time.

Gita - 8/13/2015

For: Raj

Enjoy the beautiful views and outdoors!! Take some great pics!

Ankur - 8/13/2015

For: Soha & Beej

YAY! Glad we got to facetime before you left - have fun and enjoy the adventure! It's only fitting you two are having this adventure together since you both share a love of history! Can't wait to see all the updates.. Good luck, miss my chat buddies! Love you both..

Ruchi - 8/13/2015

For: Mike

Dad have fun on the hike and be safe. It sounds awesome minus eating the alpaca. I wish I was with you. Love you!

Elizabeth - 8/13/2015

For: Tor and TJ

Good morning guys,hope you slept well and are rested for the next 4 days!I have been texting you back,but I guess you haven't gotten them.I've gotten all yours and it is great to hear from you.Your menu sounds a little different from the Ale House and Mighty Taco,but maybe if the alpaca and guinea pig are really good you could have John add it to the menu:).Tor,Shelby is still looking for you and waiting for you to come home.Happy and safe travels to you and the group. Love Sharon and Jacquie

Sharon/mom - 8/13/2015

For: Torey and TJ

Sounds like you are seeing some amazing things.!Enjoy the journey,travel safe, and take pictures! Love from North Tonawanda

Sheryl - 8/13/2015

For: Sue and bob

Hope your enjoying your time! Can you believe we will be more than a country apart in a few days? Enjoy your time. We love you and aspire to be adventurous like you too, just not as busy. We hope you enjoy your day!

Courtney and joe - 8/13/2015

For: Uncle Torey & TJ

Yay!!! Sounds like everything (& everyone) is going well! I'm so happy for you all! Keep trekking & always BELIEVE. We love you so much. xoxoxo

Moo & Blake - 8/13/2015

For: Soha and Beej

Helloooo, hope you guys are enjoying the "bateta" and "makai" varieties ;) ;) Your pictures on FB look cool, wonder if Soha was able to fit that hat in the tiny duffel... Lots of love from us

Vini - 8/13/2015

For: Beej and Soha

Happy hiking!! You guys look happy in your FB pic :) Glad you are taking my advice!!! Hahahaha Love Pari :)

Pari - 8/13/2015

For: Raj rana

Post some pics of u dad.

Nehal - 8/13/2015

For: OSHA Beej

Good to know that u all had a good day hope it stays like that way enjoy with love mom

Mom - 8/13/2015

For: Harry and all

Good luck on the trail - stay safe. Enjoy the views!

Shannon - 8/13/2015

For: Beej and Soha

Hope all is well we all r fine. Sangi to f/up Friday visit and then decision Is text / phone working where u r? Have u stayed in tents yet? Well continue to have nice time and take lots of pics

Mayank and Alka - 8/12/2015

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