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Date: Thursday, August 13
Location: Llacapata, km 88. Inca Trail

4 hours of hiking. A bit of cool, light rain kind d of weather

Yes, we are actually hiking the Inca Trail. We started by exploring a huge Incan site. The story especially at the top are so massive hard to imagine how they were moved there from way across the valley. We bought last minute supplies such as coca leaves for the porters. We have 20 porters. They are are farmers from the mountains of Incan decent and speak the Incan language of Quechua.

The hike took us gently uphill and we are camped next to another beautiful site. The hike passed local houses of adobe. The local people still dress in bright colored skirts and shaws. They carry 100 lbs of potatoes of. There backs. This part of the hike is a bit drier with 20 foot tall stalks of aloe plants and prickly pear cactus along the trail.

We are working on learning the names of our porters and how to greet them in their own tongue. Food is excellent and local. Sweet potatoes, giant corn, beans, range fed chicken...So much work to make.

We use the word "wow!" So many times in a day here. We will leave you today with a big wow!

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For: Soha & Beej

Hey S-I-Ls hope all is going great with the hike and you are taking it all in... the sights, the people, the culture, the history. Have lots of fun, take care of each other and be well.

The Worm - 8/15/2015

For: Soha &Beej

Hi Sohaben and Beejben Looks perfect weather for hiking enjoy Tomorrow morning going to be Foi Baby Pangi going to share B D with mota foiba!!! Love Kaka &Kaki

Alka &Mayank - 8/14/2015

For: Jim

Looks so amazing, it seems as though the weather has been good as well. Can't wait to see the pictures when you get home.

Tara - 8/14/2015

For: Beej & Soha

How's the Quinoa?!! Hope your legs are feeling strong and you're having a blast taking it all excited to hear about it when you get back...OH..and someone might have decided to do 13.1 with you in a few months..WHA?? Have fun...

Maulik & Ryan - 8/14/2015

For: Beej and soha

Good morning hope had good sleep and rest now will be on your way to see good history and sightscene Take care and will be reading your post and u will be ours have a fun

Jyoti - 8/14/2015

For: Mike

Just wanted you to know i was thinking of you, hope you are enjoying yourself. Still not sorry i am not there though. Lol. Love you, vicki

Vicki - 8/14/2015

For: Harry

Way to go Harry! It looks like a ton of fun. We look forward to hearing all about the trip and seeing your pictures. Is this ok to issue and release? lol :)

B&B Surety Diva's - 8/14/2015

For: Torey and TJ

Happy Friday morning to you and everyone!Hope you had a good nights sleep and are rested to continue your amazing trek.Menu aside, it sounds as though the sights of this adventure will become wonderful memories like Kili.I can't wait to see photos. Tor,I'm sure you and the treats are very popular with the kids! The gymnasts here miss you and are excited to show off what they have learned. TJ, I checked the house, everything is fine. Have an incredible day. We love you tons, Sharon and Jacquie

Sharon/mom - 8/14/2015

For: TJ

TGIF!! Happy Friday morning to the group. I hope everyone successfully made it through their first night on the trail. Wishing you great weather and safe travels!! I love you and miss you TJ!! Check back later! Love, love! A

Amanda - 8/14/2015

For: Harry

Wow! Looks beautiful! Amazing what the Incans did! Nice photo of you at salt mine. All is good! Keep safe! Love you.

Shannon - 8/14/2015

For: Sista, sista

Going up! Miss our daily chats girls, but excited for the updates from the group! How was the chicha?! No sacrificing Beej on the mountain(even if she throws things at you)!! That goes to the whole group, just duck if you see something coming your way. Lean on each other, push each other and have fun with each other. Love ya sistafaces! Ruchi

Sista - 8/13/2015

For: Soha and Beej

So you are on your way. Hope all well. Enjoy and safe hike. Hello to the group E8IWE

Gita - 8/13/2015

For: Raju rana

Saw your picture in hiking gear wish u very happy tracking and sightseeing regards Damaroo

Damaroo - 8/13/2015

For: Beej and Soha

Hope u both r doing well. Beej my toughest challenge was getting out and in from the tent that would not be problem for u right? Looks like u both and all r doing good just enjoy take picture and have a fun love dad and mom

Damaroo and Jyoti - 8/13/2015

For: Beej & Soha

Wow right back at you! Wow for all you're getting to see and experience. Room service just doesn't compare with all the unique dishes you're getting (this for the 2 chicas I know who rank grilled cheese over arugula any day!) :-) I suspect the longer hauls are yet to come so stay well and take care of each other.

Sona - 8/13/2015

For: Tj

Hello! Amazing picture!! I think I know that guy! Bring back cooking tips from the porters. Love the food updates! Keep 'em coming. Have fun!! Love, love and miss you!

Amanda - 8/13/2015

For: Torey and TJ

And a great big WOW right back at ya! Take care and enjoy!

Christine - 8/13/2015

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