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Date: Friday, August 14
Location: 11,800 feet, just below Dead Woman Pass

Up we went all day gaining close to 4,000. By the time we got close to camp, we had slowed down a bit. The sun came out and we are surrounded by very high jagged mountains many with snow and glaciers on them. We have passed by on the local huts into the base of a meadow where they graze llama's. We are feeling the effects a little of the altitude here. Tonight it will go below freezing. Big adventure here.

Our wayki, as we have learned to call the porters are amazing. They carry huge packs, bring tea and hot water to tent and do calisthenics in the morning. We are slowly learning their names.

There was a moment of drama at camp. Curt thought he lost his sleeping bag. It was found on the other entrance to his tent. He had not checked there.

There is some apprehension about tomorrow's hike. We need to get up and over a pass and then some very steep downhill and then more up. All are doing excellent so far so don't worry about your loved ones. They doing great.

Thank you for writing us messages. We read them at night in the dining tent and it brings go you closer to us.

From Torrey and TJ Though we are far away our thoughts and our prayers are with our family today in their time of sadness

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For: Uncle Torey and TJ

Rumor has it u summited today! I am so proud of you both! What an amazing accomplishment! I hope there will be pictures soon! Stay safe much love to u all!

ang and Gianna - 8/15/2015

For: Bob & Sue

Hey Dad and Mom! I've been keeping up to date on your travels. Sounds like a fun trip. I hope your not having issues with the altitude. I'm looking forward to seeing pics when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your climb and be safe. Love you Gus!

Brendan - 8/15/2015

For: SohaPHOI & BeejPHOI

She's here, Meera Shah has arrived and mommy and daughter are healthy and great! We will email a picture as soon as we can! Yay baby!

Ruchiphoi - 8/15/2015

For: Beej and Soha

Have a safe journey ladies! Looking forward to hearing about it once you guys get back.

Bhavin - 8/15/2015

For: TJ

Hi Hunnie!! I hope you had an amazing day on the trail. We are in vacation mode for the weekend. Having rum drinks with umbrellas and playing beer pong on a raft in the pool. Wish you could be in two places at once! Can't wait to see the post to hear about your day. Sleep well tonight. Love you and miss you!!

Amanda - 8/15/2015

For: Tor and TJ

Hi there, It was good to read the post that you are doing well.It's great when Rick writes reassuring words.I miss you both so much,it has been hard without you here and I am counting the days until you are home.I think we are going to have to have a MP party when you get home so you can share all your memories and photos with all of us.People keep asking about you and how you're doing-I tell them you two are amazing!Have fun, be safe and remember how much we love you.Sharon and Forever Jacquie

Sharon/mom - 8/15/2015

For: Torey and TJ

Hope you stayed warm last night - sounds like a great adventure and glad to hear you did not eat the Llama's. Whenever KT opens a yogurt she pretends to be a Llama because the yogurt spits at you - Torey I bet you can picture her doing that. We were with your family yesterday; they are an amazing group of people - you are missed. Can't wait to hear about the climb down.

Hollederer's - 8/15/2015

For: Curt

Curt !!! I miss you. Dad would be soooo proud of you! Looking so forward to hearing all the details about this amazing adventure. I would imagine your senses and emotions are amplified. How wonderful that you are doing it. Be careful, thinking of you and will continue to be checking the site. Love you.

Mandis - 8/15/2015

For: TJ

Good Saturday morning! I miss you so much. I had lunch with my gram yesterday, it was great to see her. Today Christa and I are lounging by the pool, catching some rays, recovering from last night and hydrating for tonight. So nice to be with friends and family, a welcome distraction while you're away! I hope you stayed warm last night and are feeling healthy with in the higher altitude. Habitually check my phone, as if there is a text from you. Miss you like crazy. I love you!! 13 days!

Amanda - 8/15/2015

For: Torey & TJ

Been following your adventure daily! It is so exciting. Everyone misses you at the gym! See you soon.

Sam & Kim - 8/15/2015

For: Jurij

Hope the altitude doesn't get to you and that all your water and aspirin blood thinning help. All is well here. Don't worry about us. Just expect lots of work to do when you get back.

Marie - 8/15/2015

For: Harry

good morning - good luck in today's climb and descent!

Shannon - 8/15/2015

For: Rick

Reading your day's summary of the tracking makes me feel as if I too am tracking along with all of u thank you for supporting Beej and soha on this adventure.wish u well as u continue to explore every corner of the world .look forward to seeing u in piqua,Ohio regards damaroo

Damaroo - 8/15/2015

For: Beej and OSHA

OSHA and Beej good morning hope your hardest day of tracking goes well. We look forward to hear your experience when u return home bring lots of pictures.all is well at home front .stay warm ,happy , and healthy. Enjoy love from mom and dad say hello to whole group

Damaroo and jyoti - 8/15/2015

For: Soha & Beej

This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I'm alright song My power's turned on Starting right now I'll be strong I'll play my fight song And I don't really care if nobody else believes Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me--- This chorus has helped me through some physical challenges I endured recently... Hope it does the same for you (the shah sisters) and the group tomorrow! love & power

Vini - 8/15/2015

For: Jurij

Hope you're doing well. I am headed to visit Leslie Ellis on Saturday. I have also made a purchase that I will tell you about when you get back. Good luck!

Steve - 8/15/2015

For: Harry

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Shannon - 8/14/2015

For: Torey and TJ

Thinking of you all so much today. Saw some awesome pictures of Jacquie and Adam together. It made me smile. I love you both so much. Take care, enjoy your adventure, and come home safe.

Christine - 8/14/2015

For: Soha and Beej

Slow and steady - strong work everyone! A2 ask about soyamasi and beejmasi everyday and love seeing the pictures and hearing the updates. We are thinking about you too and cheering you on from here. Together you are stronger! Love you both!

Ruchi - 8/14/2015

For: Harry

"WOW"!!You must be seeing things you never imagined. And you've done enough hiking, warm weather and cold, to know how to handle this. Is there an equivalent to "pole, pole" on this trek? So glad you are learning the Porter's names...that means a lot to them. We were thinking of you as we drove up and down Interstate 81 and Rt. 476 this week. Praying for your got this! P.S. Bring Shannon some bright colored fabric to incorporate in the scrapbook that will come

Marianne - 8/14/2015

For: Everyone

Awesome! Curt, I was looking for my cell phone today in my office only to realize i was talking on it....glad you found your sleeping bag. Rick..This is chris's bday weekend.....We have a mudder with his family tomorrow (Vino and the Beast) ! What better way to celebrate than to jump in big puddles. Enjoy the adventure

Terri - 8/14/2015

For: TJ & Uncle Torey

Hey guys! It's so good to hear all the positive updates & happy to hear you're well & enjoying your time. Today was rough at home but I think about the amazing family we are & we stick together thru it all. Stay safe, stay warm & always believe!!! To the group: keep trekking & breathing! Your fearless leader, Rick, & the amazing porters won't let you down. You are all an inspiration. Have fun, soak it all in, enjoy the food & be sure to rest. Good night from Buffalo.

Moo - 8/14/2015

For: Soha and Beej

From the note sounds you all are doing great and of course rest and be ready for stip climb. I am sure you both and group will do fine. Enjoy the site you are going thru and take lots of pictures if you can to share with us who is not going there All are fine here. We may get new arrival news hopefully by tomorrow.

Gita - 8/14/2015

For: Mom and Dad

So proud of the two of you as you climb. Mom you have prepared for this for a while, you got this! All done with my job, hurray! Enjoy your climb down tomorrow! Be safe, happy, but more importantly have fun and keep smiling! Dad make sure Mom is enjoying her time on the climb! Rick, thanks for being one of the best friends my father could have ever had. Enjoying his hobbies while having adventures in other countries. What could be better?

Courtney - 8/14/2015

For: Soha, Beej and all

Soha! I have a new plane delay excuse for you! I'll save it and spare all the rest of you but if you need entertainment ask Soha for all the reasons a plane can be delayed! :) For all of you ... Thinking of you each step you take! It will all be worthwhile! Enjoy and hear our cheers from back home!

Sona - 8/14/2015

For: Harry and all

Enjoy your dinner! You will all do great on tomorrow's hike! 80's here today - thunderstorms off and on. Have a great night and good luck tomorrow!

Shannon - 8/14/2015

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