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Date: Saturday, August, 6
Location: Helloshar Cabins, near Hella Iceland.

This is nuts. Yesterday Marcia and I took a train from the airport to Mahattan to have an afternoon with Elizabeth at an Irish pub. Flew through the night to Iceland. Rented 4 x4 drive suvs. Rode icelandic horses. And now grilling arctic char below a huge ice cap. It is also the volcano that blew off 5 years ago shutting down flights to Europe. Less then 2 weeks ago I was in Mongolia.

I am here with Marcia's family and friends to explore and rock Iceland. What a treat. They flew in from Seattle. Found them in an apartment in Reykjavik. Now toasting the trip with wine from duty free. And feeling duty free. Yes!

Have to go, getting ready to toast. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if we get across the rivers in the the 4 x4 drives...

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