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Date: Sunday, August 7, 6 pm
Location: Volcano Huts, Porsmork National.

Up and away. In our beautiful 4 x 4. And we needed them. Here is how a river crossing 20 miles away from the road works. You see a vehicle or so stopped and the people on either side of the river looking. Maybe one wades out unto the river to see how deep. If they are not swept away, and return, good sign. Discuss then angle of attack, clearance, unseen obstacles. And hope someone else goes first.

You have to hit the water at the right speed. In this case water flew up over the hood and in the open driver window.

Next, jump and video your friends behind.

We waited at the big crossing to take a honking huge bus to our cabin. There is this oasis of cabins tucked away in a niche on the side of this huge glacier valley. From here we hiked 1000 foot of uphill to a prominence. To one side a large ice cap with volcano under it cascading down. This said volcano is the one that blew off so spectacularly a few years ago. Quiet at moment.

Across the precipitous valley to the other side a huge, huge domed ice cap with broken smiles of crevasses yawning down over cliffs.

We returned to our cabins for a sauna and thai food.

To be continued. ..

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For: Rick/Mar-c-ia

Off roading, glaciers, volcanos, raging rivers, sauna and thai food? Sounds Awesome! Can't wait. Tell Mar-c-ia "HI"!


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