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Date: Wednesday, August 10. 7 pm
Location: Holjkol Cabins

An Iceland day.

Started out visiting Vik on a misty day. Time was spent on trying to figure out how to find a bottle of wine for Kathy's birthday. Store is only open for 2 hours in the afternoon and we would not be around. 2.2 beer found in gas station did not make it, but loyal and true friend Mary Ann went to a bar to negotiate successfully.

Drove for 30 km across a crazy landscape of older and newer lava flow before turning off on an F road. F for 4 wheel drive or don't go. We headed to the only building, 3 cabins for 75 km on this road. Fantastic. Hiked an amazing land of lava, moss and waterfalls in come and go mist.

So other worldly here.

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For: Alll

What a trip! Marcia has been talking about this for nearly a year and now you are all there. How about a group photo? Enjoy the cool climate: wears still in extreme heat, humidity and drought. Love the photo of Mia's facial. Enjoy being together and creating memories. L and L

Lisa and Lori - 8/10/2016

For: Rick

Good to know....Carroll's got birthday next week and we need wine!

Flo D. - 8/10/2016

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