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Date: Tuesday, August 9
Location: Skogafoss, Iceland

Picture is Mia scrubbing with glacial silt for better skin.

Highlight of the day besides driving across the river again with water over the hood had to be the chance to don crampons and walk on the glacier.

Hugo handed us ice axes and we walked to the base of a 5 mile tongue pouring off the ice cap. We spent 2 hours on crampons exploring the black ash domes, crevasses and ice. Water disappeared down into the bowels of the glacier in what is called moulans. The view extended from the ice cap to the ocean. Calm day made it perfect.

In the evening we went to a lovely black sand beach backed by a giant cliff. The cliff was the condo home to thousands of birds. Soaring, diving, screaming at us. Water breaking in waves made a whole symphony with the birds.

Loving this group and this trip.

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