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Date: Friday, August 12
Location: Haveragoroi, Iceland

The clouds lifted as we drove the test of our amazing, remote route to a natural hot springs. It was an incredible treat to soak beneath hills lined with red and yellow band with rocky lava towers sticking out above us. Steam spouts came from the hill side. Languages of all types around us. People from the whole world sharing a soothing moment.

Then across a lunar landscape to the famous waterfall of Gullfoss. Just beyond we sat next to a geyser. At the town of geyser that all geysers in the world are named for.

Now we are back among people having left behind our isolated area our 4 x 4 took us. Our trip is almost over.

Tomorrow we do a whale watch.

This will be our last post. We start a new Iceland trip next week and after that a Greenland trip. You are welcome to follow us the rest of the month.

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For: Mary Callaway - #360703

Good afternoon dear girl - I had sent a message earlier, but it might have gone off as didn't have your trip number (360703) identified. All is well here - I called the house and Paul answered and is just fine. It rained a tiny bit, but not nearly enough to stop the oppressive heat. Enjoy. I told him I will check in with him frequently. Please send messages back if you can so I can pass them on. all love, Mary

Mary Critikos - 8/13/2016

For: Mary Callaway

I believe I found the web-site, but I cannot find you. The live updates appear to be from an earlier trip, not yours. Where are you???? We are soaking wet from the humidity - it rained earlier, but it wasn't enough. I just called your house and Paul was there and he seems fine. I told him I am available and he's to call. Enjoy, dear girl. We are all rooting for you. xoxo Mary

Mary Critikos - 8/13/2016

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