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Date: Thursday, again, wrong day yesterday. May 31
Location: Karatu

I will remember.....

Ben "The smiles of all faces and people we met."

Troy "proverb from Yusuf, don't let the hyenas watch your goats..."

Nate "The change in Cristina after just a few days of treatment."

Meghan S. "The lack of inhibition, rawness, genuineness, naturalness. In the American cultural we are often very conscious of how we might be viewed by others. Here their sincerity always is apparent."

Barbara "I was painting a house. Teresia who was getting the house came around the corner. She dropped what she was doing and gave me a huge embrace saying thank you, thank you. I did not even recognize who she was. I was touched with her gratitude toward a stranger."

Karen "I will remember becoming a part of a different world with new vistas and experiences everyday."

Brian "The different level of emotions we experienced with all the people we met."

Jaima "I will remember all the new friends, the re-connection to old ones. The joy of working on the projects. Looking forward to returning to deepen both."

We are transitioning to various destinations. Some home to continue to develop the work here. Some to safari. We will post once or twice more on safari. Thanks for your support. Please consider supporting all the important lives here.

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