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Date: Monday, May 27
Location: Lake Eyasi

I think it is Monday May 2th. I don't have my watch on, it is being used to count respirations I am sitting under a giant Baobob tree next to a large tarp with wooden benches full of tribal village people.

I am disturbed. I am leaning against this massive tree. These trees are used as meeting places for villages. 20 yards away is an army-green tarp strung in the wind over a few plastic tables. There are two rows of wood benches. Sitting on them are various people of this remote village we accessed by 4 wheel drive. During the rainy season you can not cross the river. The track is more bushes then track.

We are at a remote medical clinic set up in the bush. A generator powers the blood centrifuge in the make shift basic blood lab. When the first generator (taken from the clinic) did not work, a second smaller one arrived on the back of a motorcycle (taken from the school). The village people were alerted of our presence by a hand held held speaker. "Come, Health Clinic today, We have nurses from the USA with us".

The patients line up. It is free. The money comes from donations from the USA from everyday people. Most here have never been to the local clinic we have been helping at. They have no money, so no sense in going. The ailments are often chronic: a lung embolism, fluid on a knee, fungal infections, plus past wounds still oozing... With the local nurses and doctors and Yusuf interpreting, we do what we can. They need x-rays, IVs, more. Not going to happen. We can clean the wound, warn of the need for more care which likely won't happen.

I have a lunch box. Full. I am embarrassed to eat. So I sit hiding under this tree. These people a few yards away will never have a meal like this. All this and more stories, contribute to me feeling disturbed. I am asking this ancient tree for wisdom of how to live and not to hide from being disturbed. For guidance with the bits of action I can take. It is good to be disturbed. Dare I send this blog today? What if I disturb others? Are we not taught not to disturb people?

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For: Rick

It's fine to disturb people sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time. A basic principal of physics says that without friction, there is no movement.

Bill Thomas - 5/29/2018

For: Meghan

Early each morning I check to see if a new posting is up. Following your daily experience,hearing about the people and trying to understand their reality. With each posting we are learning..Thank you...stay safe and text your Mom

Denise (Clarkston) - 5/28/2018

For: Rick

These stories are disturbing, but they must be told.

Judy - 5/28/2018

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