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Date: Tuesday, May 29
Location: Lake Eyasi area

I have my watch back so have the correct date today.  We are back at the ladies houses, the school and the Med Clinic, Lake Eyasi area

Each afternoon we have been going to the school after we finish working on the houses. This is a great chance for us to work with and get to know on a more one on one level the girls. I make sure I do a few antics and silliness as their smiles are so beautiful and light me up. They are very curious and open to learning on the computers. We have finished today with the school and will stop on the way out tomorrow to say goodbye and hug the kids. We have now 9 or so computers there, a working internet system and other devices.

Some are back at the medical clinic today. Yesterday 105 people were registered and 60ish seen. The number will be larger today. The rest of us are back at the village finishing the names on the houses. We put up the names of donors. The local ladies help write them so sometimes there is interesting spelling. Without these donors none of what we write about would be possible. It is only through these individual donations we can do this work. Huge thanks for the people who have breached the distance in this way.

This afternoon is a sort of an afternoon off to reflect and absorb what we have been experiencing. We spent it at a pool and then went to watch the sunset over the lake.

Tomorrow is a going away celebration with the ladies. We will update you more then. Thank you for your interest in our project.

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For: Rick, Meghan, Brian, Ben, Megan...and the rest of the group

Your good works are impressive and inspirational. Joining together to make such dramatic changes for these wonderful, deserving women and children is an incredible act of caring. We need so much more of this in our world. Please send my love and good wishes to Eliza...we hope school is going well for her.

Susan, Jill and Melissa Huntington - 5/29/2018

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