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Date: Sunday, May 27
Location: The church at Lake Eyasi Village

It is a day of rest. Sort of. We often get mixed information that changes almost instantly. So, we headed for church at 9 am that was going to be 8 but ended up we went in at 10 but the locals needed to milk the cows so we started church without the locals who trickled in over the next 2 hours. Church is a mud and stick structure that fits about 30. It is decorated with colorful strips of cloth. Hard to explain the experience. Picture, drums swaying, enthusiastic singing and waving of hands. Imagine light in small streams from holes in the thatched roof. Little kids together on a grass matt on a mud floor. People dressed in very bright colorful clothing and skirts. The service goes for a bit over two hours. The kid choir sings. At the end we were invited up to the front. People prayed over us. For a safe journey, for thanks for helping them. Each person raises their hand in blessing, each reciting loudly their own prayer. So that it comes out like everyone speaking in tongues, surrounding us in blessing, rythymic, swaying, Wow! One of the take aways is the profound faith people who have suffered greatly can have. I don't know in if we can barely touch the edge of this great faith. It is a gift they have here.

We planted trees around each of the new houses with the ladies after church. A goat tried to run off with some of the trees. Together with our friends we carried dirt, water, trees and dug holes. I should mention. We sent a car and our two nurses to get Fatima, the women with the stroke and bring her to the hospital. As I write this she is being assessed. We are going to put in 2 water tanks so that they can be treated and the local people can have pure water to use. We are leaving the funds for the treatment of Fatima and Cristina and her family. In addition we bought a modem for the school and air time for internet as well as repairing the computers from last year. People have volunteered on their own to cover these costs when the experienced the need.

If anyone would like to contribute, please..., look for the "Lightness Project" and you can donate immediately on line. Your friends and family are deeply touched by what they are experiencing. Hopefully you can time to sit and listen deeply to them and what they are learning when they come home.

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For: Meghan Saramak

What an adventure you are on. A life's learning experience Very proud of you.

Aunt Claudia - 5/29/2018

For: Meghan

Meghan, You are a rock to others in need.Your journey is uniquely beautifully,YOURS. Hard work and acts of kindness, no matter how small is never wasted....So proud of you-the person-the woman-the NURSE.. stay strong and know you are loved.

Laurel Saramak - 5/27/2018

For: Meghan

Great job Meghan. Love you and what your doing for others. This is truly a life changing experience not only for you but also for all of us who love you.

Aunt Nancy - 5/27/2018

For: Meghan Saramak

Love reading what you guys are doin over there. The ability to help another and lift there spirits is absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work you are all doing. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. What you are doing right now is the definition of living your life to the fullest and working in service to others. To touch anothers soul gives joy and meaning to life. And that alone gives great peace and all we can ever truly ask for one another. Love to you.

Aaron Saramak - 5/27/2018

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