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Date: May 22, 2018, Tuesday
Location: Lake Eyasi

We stepped back in time several thousand years today. We went hunting with the bushmen. We met them at their caves at dawn. They were dressed in worn out shorts and baboon skins and bird beaks. We tried to keep up with them as they trotted looking for birds or other prey. They shot two birds which they then cooked over a fire. The fire was started by spinning an arrow on a stick with their hands to create an ember. The birds they shared with us were roasted complete. Amazing, intense, very African or at least in our imagination what we would imagine Africa to be. However Africa is much more.

This afternoon we went to the medical clinic to start to figure our how we can assist by going out on the mobile clinic next week. In addition we saw the blood analyzer they bought with money raised by us. We brought over close to 100 units for monitoring diabetes also. Next we stopped at the school to go over plans of helping with computer classes and English classes the rest of the week. What a way to start the experience here. We are camped in large tents with showers and flush toilets. So quiet out here. Light wind. No vehicles, Surrounded by extensive volcanic hills covered with semi dry vegetation.

More tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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For: Troy

Hi honey, Hope this trip is as wonderful as the ones of the past. Enjoy every minute! All my love.

Your wife - 5/22/2018

For: Meghan

Wow.. So very proud of you,making a difference in the world for people in need. Lots of love coming your way.

Mom - 5/22/2018

For: Meghan Saramak

Meghan I'm so proud of you. What an amazing experience to have. To be able to immerse yourself in the country, pepole and nature while going to a good cause. Have fun but most of all Stay Calm and See The World.

Aaron Saramak - 5/22/2018

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