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Date: Friday, July 8th. 8 pm
Location: Up the valley some

11 miles today. Having trouble with satellite phone and pictures, will try to get some up when we can.

So hard to explain what it is like here. Wide flat grassy valley following a stream. Scattered about as you loom you see ghers in every direction. Each one is surrounded by 100 plus mixed herds of yaks, sheep, goats and horses. There is always cheese hanging and being made. Yogurt is fermented in a crude still into vodka which is served warm. Smoky taste. 

People drive motorcycles and cars and trucks in all random directions on the plain. When you stop at a gher, you are invited in and served the milk tea with various amounts of salt. Milk and butter. 

Today we came upon a Buddhist temple with a lama and monks having a ceremony with the public for blessings. We stopped and mixed with the crowd. Amazing clothing of ornate cloaks and some upturned toes on leather boots. 

Some people at the moment are sleeping in the gher, some by the river and others playing with the kids. So ends another day in Mongolia.

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For: Jennifer

Jen, Milk tea, vodka and blessings. Another amazing day just for the taking. Love and hugs. Will be happy to see some photos. Sara

Sara et al - 7/8/2016

For: Elizabeth

I believe I'd prefer the warm Vodka to the milk tea with salt & butter... Hope you are enjoying ALL the beverages; but must recommend the vodka! I'd love a pair of those leather boots with upturned toes! Much love and good wishes for a joyous adventure!

MK - 7/8/2016

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