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Date: Saturday, July 9. 5pm
Location: On a hillside in our valley, 5500 feet above sea level.

Started with rain showers, then hot sun, the cloudy. Rained during the night. Some learned the lesson the hard way to zip tents in rain. 

Today's blog is more about what it is like to be here than description of the day. 

Chidre our guide. He has this amazing calm way of being around skittish horses his whole life. He moves so quiet and calm and the horses respond. We have a lot to learn from him. 

Here kindness is a way of life. Out of necessity. For example. This morning our guides saddled up and went to the neighboring gher. An old man and old woman live there and had been trying to catch a horse. The Mongolians don't ask if they can help. That is impolite. They just help. Or when you stop. They go make tea. They don't ask if you want it. You just go in and sit down. 

Time has a different meaning. When they stop for a rest, we stop for a long time. Since we did not leave camp Until 12:30 because of the rain and horse chasing, we did not break until 4:00 pm. Then we broke for two hours before we started to look for a gher. 

You can sleep inside the gher. Most have an extra for guests. When you get there they begin dinner. They had no idea you were coming.... And so we learn more each day. We can live in other ways. People of the land have much to teach us who have forgotten.

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For: Jennifer

This post brought tears to my eyes. Such a lovely description of humanity. I can imagine you taking it all in, Jen. Thinking of you on your amazing adventure. Xox

Carrie - 7/10/2016

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