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Date: Thursday, July 7
Location: Somewhere in Mongolia. See map

8 miles riding.

We are on our horses. Yeah! The start was very Mongolian. Wait an hour or so for ride. Go to market. Wait an hour or so someone to find rope bridles. Drive 20 mins to local Gher. Spend 5 hours waiting with horses while they make saddles out of nylon twin, motorcycle seat and some straps of leather. Drink milk tea and eat various cheeses of varying hardnesses. Begin ride at 4:30 across beautiful open landscape. Scattered everywhere are more ghers, sheep, horses, horses, horses, goat and yaks. We passed a hundred, thousands of year old grave sites. Circular stone piles surrounded by a square fence of stone with standing stones in the corners. Stopped at 7 pm at a gher we passed for lunch, more various cheeses and tea before continuing on to the next gher to camp and fish by the river. It is just another day in Mongolia and we are loving it!

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For: Rick and Steve

Sounds like fun.Janet would love i am sure! HAHA.Ride a calm horse for me.We just finished watching the tide coming in at Bay of Fundy.Pretty tame compared to your trip.Have fun Dad and Janet

Dad and Janet - 7/7/2016

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