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Date: July 5th
Location: Tsetserleg, Mongolia. Fairfield Inn

Wow! Where to start.

Lots of adventures already.

Seoul was a wonderful visit. Elizabeth had a friend, Vicky, who lived there join us. We had this wonderful dinner, Korean barbecue cooked by a lovely owner of restaurant. We both enjoyed the chance to join together. Us in exploring new foods and the owner is a chance to share his gifts.

It was a short night in Ulaanbaatar as we got in late at night. We got up early only to wait for our our ride. Turns out they were waiting for us at another location. Part of the adventure in communication.

10 hour drive to our jumping off town worth lots of adventures on the way. Camel riding, a visit to the 13th century remains of the Capitol and current reconstruction of the monastery that followed.

Lunch was a humbling experience of us not understanding any of the language and selecting our food. Mongolian is a cyrillic language so even the letters will need to be learned by us. We entered into learning the few local dishes that will be our diet for 3 weeks. The Mongolian people are lovely so few. Easy to smile and laugh, friendly and gentle. The children are outgoing, easily engaging us in play. A delightful preview of what is to come. Be sure to join us each day here as our 200 km horse trek and nomadic life begins.

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For: Jennifer

All sounds so exotic and wonderful... Enjoy the ride! Looking forward to reading the next chapter xxx

Patti and Ron - 7/6/2016

For: Jennifer

How brave you are dear friend. I can't wait to hear more about each day. Good luck with the language and horseback riding. May you find loving, friendly people, good food, and safe travels all along your way. I love seeing the map on the website. Hugs JJJ

Janice - 7/5/2016

For: Rick

Traveling Mongolia vicariously through your trip. Can't wait to see what adventures await you.

Melissa - 7/5/2016

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