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Date: Sunday , July, 17, 9 pm
Location: Near a small town having a festival.

Big day. Close to 20 miles. Wow. I don't even know how to start to explain some of our experiences. Lets do the easy first. 

We climbed a mountain on horse back on the way down the valley today. The view was amazing. But especially so because we could see in both directions almost the whole trip we had done. The winding, braided, wood lined valley went both directions as far as we could see. We sat next to a 700 foot cliff, by an ancient ovoo and watched the clouds roll across the tops of the mountains, some showers, shafts of light. In the valleys spread the white clusters of ghers. A very special lunch spot. 

The day's end is what I am going to have trouble explaining. We knew to the end we had maybe 25 miles more of the trip. We kept riding. It is challenging to ask where we are going and how long because they think differently. They would not know the answer. So we kept riding past gher after gher. 

Finally we stopped. Chidre went to ask the 6 year old girl milking the yaks if we could camp. A 5 minute discussion and seemed to be yes. Then we got off the horses. Moved the tent site 2xs to accommodate the yaks and the anticipated noisy cars returning from the festival nearby which we plan to attend tomorrow. 

Next locating water. They started the motorcycle standing nearby to take a jug to the stream. Returned empty. Water was yucky. Ended up using water from the jug by the gher. 

Now waiting for owner to come home. But 8:30 and no owner yet so no food yet.  So Chidre and Steve went on same motorcycle into town to see what food they could find. It is a typical Mongolian day. 

Oh, forgot to tell you about the fermented mares milk this am, will save that story.

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We had to leave the dog at the last camp...

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Is the dog still with you?

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