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Date: Saturday, July, 16, 10 pm
Location: Across the river from camp 3

Big day. 18 miles. River crossing is the big event of the day. We ended up using a huge Russian military truck. The guides swam horses across. Then the rest of of us and a few neighbors. We climbed up. We noticed our butts were wet. We were sitting on giant bags of cheese heading to market. 

Once we were were across, we heard all this yelling. Turns out another local jeep full of a family wanted to cross. They had too many people in the jeep so our guides had us get off and they swam the horses across. The local took off their shoes and tied them around their necks and crossed on our horses. No charge for use of the truck. It is neighbors helping out. 

Next we stopped at a local gher to pay a $1.50 tax per person for foreign folks and 15 cents for locals. 

The ranger invited us in as is typical. Turned out that his friend in the gher had a horse who won a local race two days ago and the ranger who showed us his license and was celebrating with him. They were making vodka and were on their 4th batch of the morning. The neighbor went to get some pot to smoke. We shared a little vodka. They were delighted we only drank a little as they then took turns finishing the batch. We did not share the pot. Seems rangers have a bit different lifestyle here then in the USA. 

Super lovely family we are staying with tonight. Flew kites with them. Took pictures. They showed us their horse racing certificates. They are so delighted to have us with them. All are tired but so enjoyed the treasures of the evening.

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